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    Blade Length: 3 1/2"
    Overall Length:6 1/2"
    Steel:Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
    Weight:2.4 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
    Handle:3" Long. G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Neck Sheath

    Rail thin, feather light, and flat like a pancake, our Secret Edge is suitable for anyone in the market for an unobtrusive, yet highly effective neck knife. Unlike its heavier, bulkier rivals, the Secret Edge is so slim it virtually disappears under clothing and, at 3.2 ounces (including sheath) is a joy to wear without causing neck fatigue.

    Inspired by the ancient Scottish Skean Dhu, it's thoroughly modern in materials, performance and appearance, and presents a flat ground Japanese AUS 8A Stainless blade that's wide at the base for cutting power and narrow at the tip to assure effortless penetration. The edge is so murderously sharp it will astound your family and friends.

    And, to assure maximum purchase in such a diminutive blade, the Secret Edge is equipped with an exceptionally thin, flat G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style handle. It has three holes, to reduce weight, and an aggressively textured surface, so it hugs the palm and resists rolling or twisting in the hand.

    For safety, and to prevent loss, the Secret Edge comes with a correspondingly slim Secure-Ex™ sheath. It offers reliable retention without compromising speed of access or deployment.

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    Excellent knife. Very concealable and comfortable for men and women. My wife an I booth wear ours 24/7. Keen edge and good grip. My worker loves loves his. My wife's friend admired her's and asked me to order one for her too. Very satisfied
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    this is a good knife very easy to conceal. very sharp keeps a sharp edge i carry mine all the time and knowbody can see i have it unless i show them
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    Great knife. Got mine for the intention as an edc and has held up well. Perfect for self defence you can carry it in normal or reverse grip no worries. Not a single complaint. Cheers coldsteel
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    Great knife. Just the right size. I don't use the neck chain. But it's unable. I just stick in my waist band. 31/2 inches is more that enough for self defense. Thinking of get one for my son.
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    Awesome knife so impressed I bought 2 more! Thanks Cold Steel
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