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    Blade Length: 11 3/4"
    Overall Length:17 1/8"
    Steel:VG-1 San Mai IIIĀ®
    Weight:22.2 oz
    Blade Thickness: 8 mm
    Handle:5 3/8" Long 300 Series Stainless w/ Black Linen Micarta
    Sheath:Black Leather Sheath

    "Under-The Hill" was the notoriously rowdy riverfront district of Natchez, Mississippi at the beginning of the nineteenth century. So disreputable, it was seldom mentioned in the polite drawing rooms of the antebellum mansions that dotted the other side of town during the era when cotton was king.

    Our Natchez Bowie was born "Under-The-Hill" and takes its pedigree from those seedy taverns and dimly lit streets. Line-bred for battle, it's the definitive fighting Bowie. Its long blade is perfectly shaped for strength, reach and leverage, and its significant heft is flawlessly balanced, giving it unparalleled liveliness and velocity. Combine all that with its wickedly razor sharp edge and you have a knife that pierces like a dagger, cuts like a razor and chops like a cleaver!

    The very best in materials and workmanship is what makes performance like this possible. The blade is made of vacuum heat-treated VG-1 San Mai IIIĀ® blade construction. It's costly and difficult to fashion, but the resulting blade it yields is virtually indestructible. The handle also plays a big role in the overall performance. It has a double quillon guard, bolster, and pommel made of highly polished 300 series stainless steel and a gorgeous black linen Micarta handle. It will easily accommodate a wide variety of gripping methods while serving as a very formidable impact weapon as well.

    To complement the Natchez Bowie and to further cement its position as the quintessential fighting Bowie, it comes with a traditional black leather scabbard. Made of the finest leather, it's beautifully stitched and reinforced with nickel-silver rivets. It also features a thick nickle-silver belt peg so you can slip it in your waistband or under your belt without fear of losing it.

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    I have many knives and I am an ardent student of the Bowie not to mention the owner of many. I believe there is no better Bowie than the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie I own. Even tough the sheath is functional it is not nearly in the class of the knife. I found the sheath embarrassing enough that I bought a custom made one. I now have what I consider to be the ultimate fighting Bowie and sheath.
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    I have a large knife collection, but, this knife is surely the best I have ever seen. It is well worth the money I spent. For the sharpest knife in the world buy a Cold Steel. I am happy with all my Cold Steel knives and swords.
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    I own one of the cold steel swords....the warrior katana. I love it and it is worth what I payed for it. But 700$ is just too much for this knife.
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