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    Blade Length: 5 1/2"
    Overall Length: 9 7/8"
    Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
    Weight:4.4 oz
    Blade Thickness: 1/8"
    Handle: 4 3/8" Long Kray-Ex™
    Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath

    The Kobun® is a lightweight Tanto styled boot knife. It takes its namesake from the Japanese martial, or underworld where the word "Kobun" means "soldier". It's a fitting name for a knife like the Kobun®, which was effectively designed to be "a good soldier". In profile it closely resembles our Master Tanto, but it sports a thinner blade, and that supports its main function; to be a light weight boot knife.

    Like our Tantos, it features the Tanto styled reinforced point. This contrasts sharply with most boot knives on the market today which are notorious for their paper thin points which are easily broken or bent. In contrast, the Kobun's® point is highly resistant to bending or breaking because it is reinforced by the full thickness of the blade's spine which runs almost to the very tip of the blade.

    The Kobun's® deeply checkered Kray-Ex™ handle is designed to offer minimum bulk with maximum grip. Its cross section was made as thin as possible (approximately 1/2 inch), then contoured to resist turning or shifting in the hand. The Kobun® comes complete with a Secure- Ex® sheath.

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    This is a very popular knife from Cold Steel, and once you hold it in your hand, it's very easy to see why. There are dozens of reviews on the internet which praise this knife, so I won't write an essay on it, but I will give you my two cents.

    Comes razor flippin' sharp. Ergonomics are great, despite appearances, and the kraton handle is AWESOME. One of the lightest fixed blades I own. Very light and fast.

    The sheath is amazing. Fits the knife perfectly. This knife isn't going anywhere unless you want it to. I love the clip, I love the eyelets, I don't love that it doesn't have a drain hole like the other secure-ex sheaths from Cold Steel, but this is a boot knife, so that's okay.

    The guard is very small but is enough, again considering that this is a boot knife. The tanto blade style is an excellent choice for what kind of knife this is (I hate fragile tips), and the steel is perfect for the application.

    I will go out on a limb and say that this is probably the best boot knife in the world.
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    I bought this on Amazon for 30ish bucks as a gift but I kept it for a few days for, "field test purposes." The handle is about what you'd expect for the price but the blade is of astonishing quality. It is a little thin so don't dose it as a pry bar,however I can assure you it's stronger then it looks. I've spent exactly $3000 on cold steel and other then a double edge imperial katana, this is the first cold steel purchase that truly came, "scary sharp" out of the box. I do a lot of sharpening, but not because I don't have a severe dislike of the process I am just a perfectionist when it comes to edges. I have read a lot of reviews for this product on different sites and I am as certain as I could be that the Q.C. for this kobun exceeds anything you'll find in production models anywhere near this price range. One final note: If you are right handed, this is an ideal weak side fix blade for protection. It's light weight, easy to use, razor sharp and the price is right.
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    WOW ! Now that I have your attention, understand I'm 50(ish), always been a "knife person", & owned(or own),everything from the smaller folding knives to to swords. They've been interesting, and usually cause me to respond, "Yeah, I'd carry this for(insert purpose here)". The KOBUN is the 1st blade to make me say, "Where WOULDN'T I carry this"? So far? NOWHERE. Ergonomics, aesthetics, mechanics, of both blade and sheath,. . . 5 out of 5 stars PLUS !
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    This knife gets alot of great press and for good reason! As a bladed weapon collector I can say with some experience this is one of the best fixed blades I have ever owned. it is the blade I choose for legal concealed carry and I know it wiill do what its made for in the event of an emergency situation or a personal defense choice. Thank you cold steel for affordable quality.
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    Just received this knife and right out of the box, it was so sharp it shaved hair off my arm and could slice paper without ripping it. The sheath is very good and the kobun locks right in and will not slip out. The handle is excellent as you can get a fantastic grip on it. Overall, this is easily one of the best knives I own.
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