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    Blade Length: 4"
    Overall Length: 8 1/2"
    Steel: German 4116 Stainless
    Weight: 2.8 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
    Handle: 4 1/2" Long High Impact Polypropylene
    Sheath: Cor-Ex™ Sheath

    Reflecting the best of its Finnish heritage, the Finn Bear is an extremely affordable version of our popular Sisu™. It's ideal for hunting, fishing or camping trips, and makes an efficient utility knife as well!

    The German 4116 Stainless blade is hollow ground and given an Rc hardness of 56-57, so it will hold a good edge and is easy to re-sharpen. Its blade shape is centuries old and practical because of its good sturdy point for piercing and long belly for skinning, cutting and carving. It's big and strong enough to skin a Moose, yet thin and delicate enough to slice a tomato or cut up an apple.

    The Finn Bear has a straight handle with a slightly ribbed texture for traction. Its modified diamond cross section will fit your hand like a glove and accommodate a wide variety of gripping methods. It's made of tough Polypropylene, so it's impervious to the elements and won't swell, shrink, rot or crack.

    For safety and convenience, the Finn Bear comes with a deep pouch style Cor-Ex sheath and generously sized belt loop so it can be worn on the waist, slung around the neck or tossed into a duffle bag or tackle box.

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    I'll set the scenario and then deliver the kicker. I've emigrated to New Zealand and started to hunt here. I'm a Puma knife man (I own three and use then in the field). I accompany newbie hunters and introduce them to hunting and butchering game. They ask me if they can borrow my knives - the answer is NO!!! I looked for a cheap "loan" knife and selected the Finn Bear as the "loan out" knife on the basis that it was cheap, would do the job and if I lost it, no big deal.. BIG mistake! I used the knife in the kitchen to prepare a couple of stews, meals and suchlike. The knife performed superbly and after examining it, I tried to reverse engineer it in my mind.

    Ok - Unless I'm mistaken, the Cold Steel guys sat down and said "What's the most important thing in a knife?" and came to the conclusion it was the blade - OK select a good quality steel.No problems there - it's top quality.

    Next handle (shape and material). Once you spend the time and trouble to design the handle, select the cheapest material consistent with performance. The handle is .. odd - but having used it enough to become familiar with it, why aren't ALL handles like this? Comfortable, user friendly, rugged, hard wearing and non slip. What more do you want in a knife handle? 10/10 with a gold star.

    The sheath ... OK - it's built to a budget and I've modified it by putting a D ring through the belt loop and a secondary loop system to allow the sheath to swing and hang vertically regardless of the body position but ... its built to a budget and can live with this. If it bothers me, I can make a leather sheath.

    So all in all, this is a top quality product, severely recommended and you can pay a lot more money and get a lot less knife. I'm cursing now because I'm looking for a "lend out" knife to replace the Finn Bear!
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    Bought this knife four years ago. IMMEDIATELY on taking it out of the protective wrapper I cut my index finger to the bone. It was love at first sight. I might leave the house without my keys, wallet, possibly my pants, but this knife goes everywhere I go. I use it to cook, whittle,and carve. you WANT this knife.
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    I got this knife 2 weeks ago and I really loved it!
    Plus, the blade is very shiny as a silver and razor sharp
    only one thing.. please becareful when you take it out from the sheath
    I almost cut myself..
    and also, the finn bear is the lightest fixed blade knife and very good quality!
    you should buy this one!
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    We have used these Finn Bears to process and skin black bears and moose and innumerable fish while living in Alaska. A great little light knife that performs all out of proportion to it's cost.
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    Nice all round camp knife. Wish it came with a holder that allowed a sharpener self contained
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