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    6" TI-LITE

    Blade Length: 6"
    Blade Thickness: 4 mm
    Overall Length: 13"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
    Weight: 6.8 oz
    Handle:7" Long Zy-Ex™
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    Ti-Lite® tactical folders evoke the sleek speed and rebellious lines of the classic 1950's-styled switchblade. Unlike most switchblades however, they are legal to carry nearly everywhere.

    They feature Japanese made AUS 8A stainless steel blades with a bead blast finish, razor sharp edges and sturdy, needle sharp points. The CNC milled handles are forged from super tough 7075 Aluminum billets and are given an attractive bead blast surface and finished with a protective EDP (Electric Discharge Plating) coating. And for maximum strength and safety, we have equipped our Ti-Lites® with our patent pending, stainless steel leaf spring locks (proven, in our tests, to hold 130 lbs).

    For ease of carry, the Ti-Lites® come equipped with a small, but unobtrusive steel pocket clip, and can be opened rapidly by using the thumb studs or by snagging a quillon on the edge of your pocket as you draw your knife out.

    We are grateful to custom knife maker, Phil Boguszewski, for his design influence and help in the creation of the Ti-Lites.®

    The Zy-Ex Handled Ti-Lites®
    Custom quality folding knives, especially those manufactured with Titanium handles and Titanium leaf spring locks are undeniably strong, lightweight, and beautiful to look at, but they're also quite expensive.

    We know that many of our customers love the look of our Ti-Lites® but find the prices a little steep. So we have created some very affordable alternatives. The Zy-Ex Ti-Lite® with a 4 inch blade mimics the look of its more expensive counterparts almost exactly, and our model that features a six inch blade is a completely unique Ti-Lite®, virtually in a class by itself.

    Instead of 7075 Aluminum, we used 43% glass filled Zy-Ex for the handles and high quality stainless steel for the leaf spring lock and liners. The results are extraordinarily lightweight knives that are remarkably strong, sharp and good looking, at a price almost everyone can afford.

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    I give this one 5 Stars.

    This is a purpose built Tactical Folder. And, it meets those purposes. It's the easiest to EDC, "BIG," folder that I have ever carried. It's very light for it's size. And, it's built like a tank. You would be hard-pressed to find a stronger and better quality, "Liner-Lock," "Italian Stiletto" style Tactical Folder anywhere. Also, it's the fastest opening Cold Steel Folder that I have!

    This is one of my all time favorites...

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    Bought this at Smokey Mountain Knife Works this past weekend. I watched a few videos before the purchase. The knife is a beast and very intimidating to look at. The knife is a bit stiff at first but after a day of opening and closing its definitely loosened up. I also used a small spritz of WD40 on it. The knife is not heavy. It can fit in your front pocket. If clipped in the pocket it shows a bit so that didn't work for me. The clip is very strong. I wear my shirts out so my belt is where I'm wearing it. So far no problems. It falls at a nice point under the shirt and hasn't fallen off the belt yet. It's much easier to remove from my belt than if clipped in my pocket. After the breaking in period it's a wrist action to open technique. No need to even touch the blade except to close it. I was a bit worried at first with the size but I think due to its slim form and firm clip and light weight it's very easy and comfortable to carry. I was very surprised at that. A lot of thought went into making this knife. This is my fourth knife from Cold Steel in 12 months and not the last. Very happy.
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    I couldn't be happier with this knife. Someone I live with ordered one online with me not long ago, they recently arrived and I honestly don't think either of us could have found something better to spend our money on. It's solid, ridiculously sharp, reliable and pretty intimidating to look at according to the few people I've shown. It has quite easily put any knife I've previously owned to an insane amount of shame with the level of satisfaction I get from hearing the lock snap in place. For what it is, it's light, concealable and easy to use. There's an easily distinguishable tactical difference in the length department of the knife when compared to others and the fraction of a second it takes to open could save a life under the right circumstances. It isn't hard to tell that something like this wouldn't exist unless there had been a decent amount of thought and effort invested in making it possible. Definitely money well spent. Five stars.
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    Purchased this knife online last week and when it arrived I was blown away at the quality and craftsmanship. It was a bit on the large side but after playing around with it for a few hours it became very comfortable to handle. If your looking for a reliable tactical folder that you can trust your safety with then I would 100% go with this knife. Just spend some time learning this knifes function and features. This is my 3rd Cold Steel knife.
    Dave O
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    I have had one for a few years now never even looked it up I actually have put it through a lot of real world stress and honestly it has surprised me more often then not, this knife(if I ever figure out how to break it) I would love to buy again. To be honest it's been my daily go to.
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