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    Blade Length: 4"
    Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
    Overall Length: 9 3/8"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless w/ Black Tuff-Ex Finish
    Weight: 5.2 oz
    Handle: 5 3/8" Long G-10
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    Recon 1® series
    Cold Steel is famous for raising the bar in the knife industry and our Recon 1® tactical folders are setting a standard that's hard to beat. Why? Because they are as tough as nails and will cut like a chain saw!

    Available with 3 and 4 in blades, every facet of their construction has been over engineered to make them as strong, durable and effective as humanly possible. The blades are made out of imported Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel that's been vacuum heat treated and sub-zero quenched and the handles feature G-10 laminate scales artfully contoured and scalloped for a terrific non slip grip. Plus, they are held together by the latest in high strength mechanical fasteners and further anchored by a 6061 heat-treated spacer. To complement their super tough blades and handles they're equipped with our revolutionary Tri-Ad lock™ , which practically precludes lock failure.

    To complement their tactical mission we have given each blade a tough, black, Tuff-Ex™ finish. Our testing has shown this coating offers three major advantages for tactical blades. First, it helps the blade to resist rust. Second, it eliminates glare and light reflections, which may give its user away. And third, it's a superior lubricant, which causes the blade to slip through even tough material with markedly less friction. This means you can cut deeper and far longer than with a non-Tuff-Ex™ coated blade. To make the Recon 1® as easy to open and carry as possible we have equipped each knife with a thumb stud and a small, extra strong pocket clip. This clip is completely ambidextrous so lefties please take note. What's more its small size doesn't abrade or irritate the palm under protracted use.

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    Have had the knife for almost a year now, best knife I've ever owned (out of 30+). I've come to realize this really is tough stuff. From the deepest caverns to the unforgiving canyons, I've broken several lines of knives. The RECON 1 is by far the strongest. Indeed the black finish on the blade may scratch off, but as i see it, if it doesn't then you might as well buy an $8 knife from the neighborhood corner store. The grip feels perfect, as if the rods of rigid and comfort have been welded together. All around fantastic knife, extremely durable. This is the REAL stuff! Thanks COLD STEEL! only wish I would have bought the RECON 1 years ago.
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    I have the previous shape 50/50 Recon 1, and to date I have only one complaint... The Tuff-Ex coating on the blade does not hold under hard use and a bit of abuse.

    That said and out of the way, a knife is made to look good & work and the Recon 1 excels at just that. I needed a knife for everyday use and something worth while for self defense. Since the Recon 1 I have not looked back.

    I have no reason to believe that the new Recon 1 will be any different (the only reason why I chose the old shape is because I prefer it).

    A big thumbs up to Cold Steel! You can put the Recon 1 through its paces and then sharpen it to literally shaving standard. I will definitely trust my fingers with this knife any day it comes down to it.

    A satisfied user.
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    This is an incredible knife. (duh Cold Steel made it)I got this knife quite a bit ago and have been very pleased with it. It has lived up to the demonstrations and has held a good edge. The one thing I wish I had done is get the recon 1 plain edge. The serrations are great if you're cutting a bunch of rope but they take up too much of the blade to get any clean cutting in. Another thing to know is it doesn't stay that pretty shiny black. The coating they put on it chips off during use. This doesn't hinder anything, just make it look more worn than it is. Besides my personal preference of non-serrated blades (the reason I gave this particular knife three stars), I highly recomend this knife series.
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    This knife is the sharpest knife I've ever had. It cuts like a hot knife through hot butter. The serrated edge is helpful in tough cutting tasks and cuts very quickly and effeciently. I love it and recommend it.
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    I have had an original recon 1 tanto 50/50 edge for about 5 years now and decided to pick this guy up. Both are phenomenal knives. I dont like pretty knives, so I use and slightly abuse them in their every day chores. Both these knives hold up incredibly well. Here are some pros for the new mod. Lighter weight, better traction on the handle, I like the geometry of the tanto point on the new mod better. I do like the older version lock better but having said that, there is no play in the blade and the lock is strong. Its just a personal preference on how to close the knife. It opens smooth and came razor sharp as all CS knives do. You need a high value lower cost workhorse of a knife....Look nowhere else.
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