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    Blade Length: 12"
    Overall Length: 17"
    Steel: VG-1 San Mai III®
    Weight: 22 oz
    Blade Thickness: 5/16"
    Handle: 5" Long Kray-Ex™
    Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath

    The Kukri blade, with its markedly downward curved blade, has long been identified with the Gurkha Warriors of Nepal, the ferocious mercenaries who have wielded this blade for over 150 years in the service of the British Empire.

    The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri was inspired by Cold Steel President, Lynn C. Thompson's close association with Dr. Maung Gyi, chief instructor of the American Bando Association, and a renowned martial artist with wide-ranging knowledge and skills. Under Dr. Gyi's tutelage, Lynn gained insight into the full potential of the Kukri and learned it was not just a chopping weapon but a piercing, slashing, and smashing weapon as well. Smashing techniques allow the Kukri to function as a hammer or mallet or to deliver non-lethal blows in a self-defense role. A concentrated blow with the back of the blade can break bones or be lethal if directed at the head.

    With Dr. Gyi's input, Thompson designed a longer, narrower point for the Gurkha Kukri with more distal tapering to the spine. This resulted in a thinner, sharper point which can be deeply driven into thick, tough targets with minimal effort.

    Finally a masterfully designed Kray-Ex™ handle was added to maximize the blade’s fierce potential. Perfectly contoured and deeply checkered, it offers a superb non-slip grip and cushions the hand from the shock of the hardest blow.

    The Gurkha Kukri's VG-1 San Mai III® blade will out-chop any factory or handmade knives; including swords twice its size, even expensive, hand forged Japanese Katanas. It's the heaviest Kukri on the market. The blade is almost an inch wider near the tip than at the handle, shifting the knife's balance point forward to allow a substantial blow to be struck with minimal effort, using inertia alone to complete the cut.

    Each Gurkha Kukri is supplied with a Secure-Ex® sheath to protect the blade and allow you to wear it safely and securely on your side always ready to defend you and your loved ones.

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    This is a good piece, terrifyingly sharp and powerful. However the handle, while well suited to forehand chopping is not well designed for grip changes or use as a dagger. The spine should be radiused off as well. Much traditional kukri fighting requires grasping the back of the blade.
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    Great blade in terms of chopping power, weight & balance. Extremely sharp. Chopped through green bamboo regularly for almost 6 month, not needed to sharpen. The best possible grip on the market. Cons are the handle design is not smart, should improve. May CS take a view at 'Kershaw Camp 10'. Handle is fixed with the tang only by mean of the lanyard hole ring. Possibility of slipping of the handle apart from the tang may arises after prolong heavy use. CS should not overlook that in such a heavy blade & in such a high price. Should use at least 2 rivets or screw. Overall great CHOPPER. Recommended.
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    This would be perfect if it had the guard like your kurki plus. For this price everything should be there
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    why has this knife more than doubled in price it used to be $314 and now its pretty much 700 what the fuck
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    i bought one a few years ago and it is fantastic. the only thing i didn't love was the sheath, the belt loop part on mine broke after only owning it for a few months.
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