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    Blade Length: 4 1/2"
    Overall Length: 9 1/4"
    Steel: VG-1 San Mai III®
    Weight: 6.6 oz
    Blade Thickness: 3/16"
    Handle:4 3/4" Long Kray-Ex™
    Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath

    Modesty seldom comes into play when we are describing how good our knives are. But in the case of the Master Hunter®, we've been unquestionably negligent in that department. So, modesty aside, we want to go on record and say, without a doubt, the Master Hunter® is the best hunting knife you can obtain at any price. It features a broad VG-1 San Mai III® blade that's been flat ground to achieve the ideal blade cross-section and edge geometry. Carefully honed to razor sharpness, its edge cuts effortlessly while its dropped point simplifies the chore of field dressing and skinning.

    The spine of the blade is a full 3/16" thick to allow for the necessary strength and stiffness to field dress and skin the biggest animals like elk, moose, brown bear, and the African Dangerous Seven. The grip is specially designed to promote long use without fatigue. Made of the shock absorbent, slightly tacky feeling Kray-Ex™, and featuring our deeply checkered surface, it positively won't slip no matter how wet or bloody your hands get. Plus, Kray-Ex™ has specially enduring advantages in that it will never rot, shrink, crack, splinter, or mildew, and is completely impervious to even the harshest weather. For safety, the Master Hunter® comes in a thick, heavy Secure-Ex® sheath that will accommodate just about any size belt and allow you to carry it all day without fatigue.

    Sharing most of the design features of our Master Hunter®, this variation features a guthook. This makes it an extremely useful tool for field dressing and opening body cavities without piercing the entrails.

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    I never thought of Cold Steel as a hunting knife company, but I was so impressed by the GI Tanto I purchased for a utility knife that I decided to check out their other offerings. Most hunting knives are 420A and occasionally 420C. I have always liked Gerber Knives the best and own a couple that get the job done. However I was looking for a higher carbon steel without having to give up the toughness of a lower carbon knife. The San Mai III appeared to fit the bill so I purchased a Master Hunter Plus last summer and used it on three Javalina shot by my hunting group of four in February 2013.

    This is a fantastic knife that guts, skins and quarters while keeping an edge. I have processed Elk, Deer, Sheep and Javalina and find Javalina to have the toughest skin. This knife just gets to job done easily starting a cut through their tough skin and separating hide from body. You can certainly find prettier knives with fancier handles, but this one just works. The gut hook is the best I have used for its size as it is correctly aligned with the handle. The belly of the blade is perfect for skinning and the base is long enough to cut through joints or do other chores.

    The VG-1 part of the San Mai III blade really keeps an edge, but it is brittle. I banged mine pretty good on granite and put a couple of nicks in it. My diamond Lansky sharpener is able to take out the nick with the medium grit, but to be honest I left a tiny nick in as I didn't want to sacrifice that much blade. Maybe over the next couple of hunts I get it completely out, but for now it will not matter and I will be more careful next time. The lesson is to be careful, this isn't a 420A knife.

    I know this is not a cheap knife and it's price has gone up over 10% since my purchase, but compare it to others in the same price range and I believe you will find this one a winner.
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    My only problem with this knife i eventually sold it for was that the sheath dulled the knife. i wrapped it in some paper towel and pushed the edge into the sheath trying to clean any hidden sand or dirt from a brand new unused knife out of it, and i couldnt figure it out. i send it in to cold steel and they replaced the sheath and it had the same problem. my recon scout secure ex sheath had the same problem, but my recon tanto and srks do not.

    Its comfortable! loved holding, whittling, cutting paper, grass, cleaning deer with this knife.
    Its strong! can be used for prying and light de limbing, or batoning. why is this important? when hunting its normally in the winter, and in the woods, away from people. you may need your knife to help make or maintain a fire. i dont see many people carrying a large ax for miles following game.
    Its Sharp! this is one of few cold steel knives that is ground thin at the edge and the full flat grind just soars through leather, wood, plantlife, ect.
    Its honestly not that expensive... i think i paid 80 for mine. made in Japan
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    Had used a Buck Zipper (420HC steel) for years to process the 3-4 deer I took each year and love it. Never made it thru gutting and butchering a deer without having to bring the edge back up, usually 2-3 times. Never thought anything of it either, it was just the way it was. Then I left the Zipper home once and used a friends Master Hunter Plus. Then I went home and ordered one that night. 7 years later and easily 20 deer butchered I'm still amazed at how well this keeps an edge. I always cut thru ribs and sternum when gutting and it still finishes off the deer meat slicing easily. Ordered the regular master hunter as my survival kit knife. Great products.
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    I love the knife.
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