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    Blade Length: 4 1/2"
    Overall Length: 9 1/4"
    Steel: VG-1 San Mai III®
    Weight: 6.4 oz
    Blade Thickness: 3/16"
    Handle: 4 3/4" Long Kray-Ex™
    Secure-Ex™ Sheath

    Modesty seldom comes into play when we are describing how good our knives are. But in the case of the Master Hunter®, we've been unquestionably negligent in that department. So, modesty aside, we want to go on record and say, without a doubt, the Master Hunter® is the best hunting knife you can obtain at any price. It features a broad VG-1 San Mai III® blade that's been flat ground to achieve the ideal blade cross-section and edge geometry. Carefully honed to razor sharpness, its edge cuts effortlessly while its dropped point simplifies the chore of field dressing and skinning.

    The spine of the blade is a full 3/16" thick to allow for the necessary strength and stiffness to field dress and skin the biggest animals like elk, moose, brown bear, and the African Dangerous Seven. The grip is specially designed to promote long use without fatigue. Made of the shock absorbent, slightly tacky feeling Kray-Ex™, and featuring our deeply checkered surface, it positively won't slip no matter how wet or bloody your hands get. Plus, Kray-Ex™ has specially enduring advantages in that it will never rot, shrink, crack, splinter, or mildew, and is completely impervious to even the harshest weather. For safety, the Master Hunter® comes in a thick, heavy Conceal-Ex™ sheath that will accommodate just about any size belt and allow you to carry it all day without fatigue.

    Sharing most of the design features of our Master Hunter®, this variation features a guthook. This makes it an extremely useful tool for field dressing and opening body cavities without piercing the entrails.

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    My Master Hunter is quite a few years old (am guessing 10+) , made of "carbon v". Besides regular hunting usage in which it has seen a lot of field work, I also use it for work in a butcher shop during PA's rifle season. In a short 3 day span it will cut thru tough skull fur and hide, dragging on bone repeatedly so I an use a meat saw to remove antlers. This knife has also field dressed, skinned, and cut up, butchering completely, from woods to freezer, 3 deer in a row with no touch up to the edge in the same day. It splits the pelvic bone on a Whitetail with ease and no fear of breakage. It separates the hip joints with out a saw.
    This is the best hunting knife you can own. From squirrels to deer it just works, period.
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    I recently purchased the Cold Steel Master Hunter knife and I must say that it may very well be the last knife I purchase. I absolutely love it. I is sharp, it is very comfortable to hold, the handle is a perfect fit, and it is great to use. While I give the knife 10 stars on a scale of 5, I can only rate the scabbard as a 2. The bottom half of the scabbard is a kydex material and is great protection for the blade, the upper half is made of a light nylon web belt material. Drawing the knife is fairly easy, but returning it to, and securing it in the scabbard is a 2 handed ordeal. Cold steel has a winner with the Master Hunter knife. Hopefully they will develop a scabbard that is equal to the quality of the knife.
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    This blade I bought from COLDSTEEL roughly 10yrs ago for about $40 I think. But for what your buying.. This blade I have put through life situations surviving in the wild. And I would buy it again for the price now. This blade is not only a weapon but a tool that really keep me alive. This blade will go with me to the grave.
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    Hands down the best hunting knife I'll ever own. Have had mine for over 15 years. Seriously, the best hunting knife you'll ever own
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    Best knife I have ever owned. Not fancy, but tougher than nails. I got the carbon V version, which does require you to clean the knife after you use it. This is not hard to do, and your efforts are rewarded with a knife that holds it's edge for unbelievable (yeah, unbeliable) amounts of time.
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