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    Blade Length: 6 3/4"
    Overall Length: 11 3/4"
    Steel: German 4116 Stainless
    Weight: 12.3 oz
    Blade Thickness: 5 mm
    Handle:5" Long Grivory & Kray-Ex™
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Sheath

    Leatherneck Series
    The word 'Leatherneck' has become synonymous with the famous U.S. Marines since 1776 when Congress compelled all Marines to wear a thick, high leather collar (known in the vernacular of the day as a "stock"). This collar served two purposes; first, it helped protect one's neck from sword and cutlass blows, and second, it forced a Marine to keep his head up straight, exhibiting the military posture that was fashionable at the time.

    Today, after two centuries of personal sacrifice on and off the battlefield, our Leathernecks enjoy the love, respect, and admiration of every true American and it is to them we dedicate this series of battle ready knives.

    The series has two distinct blade styles. Both are made from German 4116 Stainless steel and finished with a rich Tuff-Ex&trage; non reflective coating:

    • The Leatherneck-SF (for Semper-Fi) has a saber ground clip point blade. It's hollow ground and honed by hand to a startling razor sharpness.
    • The Leatherneck-Tanto features a Cold Steel style Tanto blade. It's incredibly sharp blade is 7" long and hollow ground by hand.

    To keep the fingers from sliding forward onto their keen edge, the Leathernecks come with a substantial guard. It's made of thick steel with double quillons that are turned slightly forward and provide excellent protection for your hand (especially in close combat) while offering minimal interference in the use of these knives when performing utility tasks.

    The handles are made of deeply checkered Kray-Ex™ that totally encloses the knives' extra wide full tang. They offer unsurpassed gripping power through their palm hugging oval cross section and unique finger trough. They're capped with a thick, machined steel butt cap (not cheap casting like others) so they can also deliver frightful blows with the butt or double in an emergency as a hammer.

    To carry the Leatherneck knives safely and conveniently in all environments, they come with a sturdy Secure-Ex sheath complete with fully detachable and ambidextrous belt loop.

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    I first bought the Leatherneck Tanto and loved it. I loved it so much that I had to get the S/F version, too, to keep as a survival blade.

    I have one, and only one, complaint about the Leatherneck S/F: the knife rattles a little in the sheath. I am not used to this from Cold Steel; I have a sizeable collection of CS products and most of the time knives fit perfectly in their secure-ex sheaths. However, the rattle is very minimal. It's not a big enough complaint to affect my rating of this knife.

    Comes Cold Steel sharp out of the box, cuts very well, and is very well-made out of excellent materials. Comfortable in hand with excellent ergonomics, that awesome kraton handle really fills the hand and stays there, even when soaked. The machined steel butt cap is very strong and dependable. This is a reliable and strong knife.

    I love that this is basically an improved version of the USMC Marine Combat Knife. It is better, from a performance standpoint, in every way imaginable, except maybe edge retention...but when your knife is as easy to sharpen as this (the Ka-Bar USMC is NOT), that hardly matters. Full tang, better materials, quality construction...get one!
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    I am a Combat Engineer with the CF and I must say good job. There are always things to improve on with any tool, but it has done an exceptional job. From using the pommel as a hammer to cutting whatever i need it to, it has done the job. Easy to put an edge back on the blade after heavy use, and a nice balance which means you can throw it. Looking forward to the upgraded variants of this knife. Keep up the good work.
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    I love this knife. Very hefty, feels great in your hand, and it's sharp sharp sharp. This is my new hiking knife, I might even start wearing it everyday.
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    I think Lynn read Bill Bagwell's Excellent critique of the Ka-bar and addressed all the shortcomings it has with this great blade. This is a superior version of the Ka-Bar! I have given several of these leathernecks Sfs to my employees- most are recently returned from Afghanistan &/or Iraq...they all prefer this Cold Steel product to their Ka-bars.
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