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    Blade Length: 2"
    Overall Length: 4 5/16"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
    Weight: 0.8 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2 mm
    Handle:2 5/16" Long Kray-Ex™
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Sheath

    The Super Edge is a hard working, sheath knife in the very smallest package available. This rugged little workhorse can cut through the tough materials that would make a bigger knife "choke". It's diminutive overall length and feather light Secure-Ex sheath make it a natural for attachment to a key ring, zipper pull, "D" ring or belt loop. It's so light and comfortable to carry you'll never notice it when it's casually looped around your neck, conveniently laced to your shoe or cunningly pinned inside the crown of your hat.

    Comes complete with Secure-Ex sheath

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    I really wish there was a v-grind plain edge version of this knife.

    As it stands, I like it and it has been a part of my EDC system for a few months now. I keep it on my key chain and find it very convenient to use and carry. The sheath is excellent, and I love how I can use the knife without my keys hanging off of it. Micro Recon 1, take note. The knife is completely unnoticeable as I carry it until I need it.

    Now, onto performance. The tiny plain edge portion near the tip cuts well, but not as well as a v-grind would from Cold Steel. Most of the edge is serrated. These serrations do the job but can be quite grabby on lighter materials. This is a tiny knife ideal for heavy cutting of rough, tough materials. Doesn't do as well as the smaller stuff. The knife pierces well with its spear point.

    The handle is extremely comfortable and grippy kraton. It's perfect.

    There appears to be a small fit and finish issue; between the blade and the guard, it appears that some moisture got trapped and allowed that part of the blade to rust. This has not affected performance hitherto, and I hope it doesn't affect the longevity of the knife.

    Now, if we're talking about value... I bought mine for under $17. If I could go back in time, would I have bought it again? Absolutely. This knife is a handy little tool. Would I have bought a plain edge version over this, were it available? Absolutely. It's an excellent knife that I probably couldn't be without. I use it for food preparation all the time.

    Make a plain edge version and I'll carry both.
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    This is one of several items I ordered from Cold Steel many years ago, that has found, by far, the most practical use. I keep it in the entry-way bucket, and aside from keys and sunglasses, it is the most useful piece of gear I keep in there.

    The sheath is hard but still flexible plastic, with 6 metal-protected eyelets around the edges to run a lanyard through, or just keep the keyring. The top of the knife handle itself also has a (rather small) hole, to keep both parts secured. There is a satisfying and confident click when the blade is fully inserted into the sheath, and it is non-directional, so either way in works. No way it will accidentally come out.

    The blade itself is utility personified, assuming you're fine with a serrated edge. The tip is very sharp, and a pseudo-edge runs part-way along the spine, making it great for puncturing. The small straight edge portion makes a good cutting tool, while the serrated part will saw through anything with ease. You can cut your way though a phonebook like butter. Or shoes, if you're advertising on late-night TV.

    The handle is rubbery plastic, it is patterned and very grippy. The guard is large enough that you can reasonably lean on it to apply lots of pressure, so despite being small, you get good leverage out of it.

    Even the non-ninjas among us will find plenty of use out of this unassuming little knife around the house. It's like a cross of an xacto-knife and a breakaway-knife on steroids and with style. Mine ended up being the go-to tool for tearing into packages, fileting blister packs, and cutting through anything where precision or finish-quality neatness is not a requirement.
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    I've had this little knife on me for several years now. I can't recommend it enough! My pockets are always full of other essentials so I thought I'd experiment with some alternate carry methods. I liked the idea of a neck/boot knife with a small footprint and slim so it didn't show through clothing. So I purchased a an urban pal, a super edge and a knife from another brand to try out.

    Right away I realized the urban pal was gonna serve as a neck knife. It was perfect. The off brand knife jabbed me with its handle, and it was larger, I eventually took a grinder to it so it was out. I didn't have this problem with either Cold steel knife because of the Kraton handle.

    I tried the Super Edge out as a neck knife and it did well, there was one way that the urban pal met this need better. You see, there is this slight bulging where the guard of the super edge locks into the sheath. It lets a little bit of bulge show through clothing as its thicker there. None of that mattered once I figured out how well the super edge attaches to a belt. Its attached with nylon cord right beside the belt's buckle. The excess belt lays over it, further concealing it along with my exposed shirt tail. Attaching it to the front of my belt made this the most quickly deployable knife that I've ever owned. And this was just the beginning of its benefits.

    Beyond being the first guy in the room with his knife out when someone needs it, there are other benefits to using this knife:

    1. It makes a great companion knife. If you carry a larger, more expensive, self defense knife you can save it for that purpose, and use this for chores instead. This is often better for simple chores anyways.

    2. You can pull this knife out instead of your Spartan or Ti-lite and ridicule all the facist scum in the room with their tender feelings about violence and knives when they try to hassle you about it. This knife simply does not look that threatening. The fact that they think an attack is eminent when a knife is presented makes one think they've never done a chore in their lives and watch too many movies. When they try to induce irrational fear just make fun of them.

    3. It saves pocket space. With all the wallets, keys, phones, and other stuff we are forced to carry around today it hardly leaves room for a knife, which is funny because there was a time when the only thing required to survive when you stepped outside your house, hut or cave was a good knife. May we never forget.

    4. If you really had to, you could poke someone with this little knife. This knife has minimal penetration, It would be difficult to win in a fight, but in the right hands could be quite deadly. Its serrations are good for possibly slicing through flesh if needed. The day I bought this knife I had just left the Smokey mountain knife store and my wife had to stop in Walmart for a phone card, and while she was in there I opened my new knives. Well, I think you know where this is heading, I cut myself on this little knife and had to call into the store for her to pick up some band aides. I suggest you be extra careful the first time you unsheath this knife as it might resist more than expected, pop loose and you end up swinging the blade into your index finger. You can only blame yourself. Pull the sheath off the knife, not the knife out of the sheath.

    5. Since I wear it on my belt I don't have to reach up my shirt to retrieve it. This act draws attention, looks awkward, and if you were overweight, have unmanageable body hair, scars, Et cetera, it can affect your dignity. This is an obvious benefit of belt wear.

    I'd like to end by saying that we should always legally have access to the utility and defense of a knife, and that this is the perfect size for "just getting by", though you will be surprised at how effective the super edge can be. Cold Steel has a lot to offer, but don't overlook this one.
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    Hi, I'm the person who wanted a plain edge version and said they would carry both if one was released. This is a follow-up review.

    My Super Edge is still going strong, just as mean as the day I got it...and I've been EDCing it every single day since. The etched logos have mostly faded away; I've put this knife through a lot of use. Now that I've spent as much time as I have carrying and using it, I'm glad it's fully serrated since the edge lasts longer and most of my folders are plain edge.

    The handle appears to have worn very well, suffering very little if any damage or signs of fatigue.

    No rust on the blade. Sometimes moisture catches in between the ricasso and the handle and causes some surface rust; this is easily wiped off with a paper towel.

    If you're thinking of buying one, just do it. It's an investment that you'll get a thousandfold return on.
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