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    Blade Length: 3 3/4"
    Overall Length: 6 3/4"
    Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
    Weight: 2.7 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
    Handle: 3 3/4" Long. G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Neck Sheath

    Cold Steel's new generation of Mini Tac Neck Knives are astonishingly light at 3 ounces each. Because they're so lightweight, they can be comfortably worn practically 24 hours a day. With their sturdy bead chain lanyards and their rugged Secure Ex® sheaths (specially designed to snugly retain the knife while allowing a speedy draw stroke), they can be worn outside clothing and perform as a handy utility or rescue knife. They can also be carried more discreetly under a shirt or blouse, or inside a coat. They can even be used for camping or hiking as they can easily be tied or taped anywhere from a backpack to a fanny pack. Their versatility is virtually endless. Fashioned from AUS 8A stainless steel and reflecting state of the art heat treatment they are honed to a razor edge and exhibit incredible toughness for such a small knife, due in part to their full tang construction. Tough, rough, and ready for anything, they come equipped with thin high quality black G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style handle scales. This feature allows them to lie flat and close against the body and provide an aggressive gripping surface. Also when these scales are combined with integral sub hilt they give the fingers of the hand incredible purchase and allow a remarkably secure grip that resists rolling or twisting.

    Offers a super wide blade with a long shallow "V" cross section that's ideal for cutting and shearing or piercing. It makes a great all around field knife too and will prove equally useful outdoors at camp or at home in the kitchen.

    Provides a long, curved cutting edge with a sharp point. It's ideal for cutting slashing and skinning strokes. It's been extensively fieldtested in Australia where it single handedly caped a huge buffalo slicing through neck skin over 1" thick!

    This blade shape is derived from the traditional Japanese pocket or utility knife. It can be used for whittling, carving, paring or virtually any chore you can think of. It offers a very acute point for all those hard to reach jobs.

    For a knife this size, our Mini Tac™ Tanto offers a remarkably wide, stiff blade and a very sturdy reinforced point, making it ideal for piercing even tough, hard objects. As an added bonus, its wide blade allows for a very generously sized hollow ground blade bevel and an extra keen edge so it can cut almost as well as it pierces.

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    The main reason I bought this knife is because I hate folding knives but love the idea of having that back up when I need it. I conceal carry both my M&P 45 and my Mini Tac Tanto as my back up, I never leave home without them.

    The blade is solid, sturdy, and very sharp. The grip is very well engineered and makes for a perfect draw whether you pull inverted or standard. As for the sheath, it holds the knife snug and I have never had it "slip" out. I do carry the knife on the small of my back in a horizontal position and never had it pinch or bind up in anyway. Returning the knife takes alittle practice but if you are as serious as I am about having the right equipment at the right time you'll be practicing day in and day out with it.

    I have thrown, slashed, and stabbed this little razor and I can tell you it will take the worst! The durability and the ability to conceal it is what i love the most. You never know when you'll need that little edge to save yourself or a loved one.
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    love this knife! its a no nonsense piece of equipment and i bring it with me everywhere
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