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    Blade Length: 4 3/4"
    Overall Length: 9 3/4"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
    Weight: 5.4 oz
    Blade Thickness: 5 mm
    Handle: 5" Grivory w/ Overmolded Kray-Ex™
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Sheath

    Cold Steel has always contended that the Karambit is a specialized style of knife with unique but limited uses. It is also, however, quite popular. So, in response to the many requests from our customers, and with the help of custom knife maker, Steven Likarich, we proudly introduce the Steel Tiger®, our interpretation of this ancient Indonesian knife.

    It possesses all the best features of the classic Karambit and unites them with modern styling and materials, and, best of all; we've kept it very affordable.

    The broadly curved AUS 8A stainless blade is beautifully polished, taper ground, and vacuum heat-treated and sub zero quenched, for maximum strength, cutting power and edge retention.

    But it's the grip that really distinguishes it from the competition. Designed for comfort, strength and ease of use, it features a tough Grivory® core that encapsulates the tang, emerging as the bolster/thumbshelf and distinctive finger ring. This core is then overmolded with Kray-Ex™, which yields more to hand pressure than Grivory, and, in turn, creates a superb, non-slip grip.

    For safety, convenience and quick access, the Steel Tiger® comes with a sturdy Secure-Ex® sheath that you can lash to your gear or retain on your person via the removable boot/belt clip.

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    This is by far my favorite knives of all time. I have had it next to me since I bought it a few months ago. 5 Stars
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    I borrowed this one from a friend to try it out, and had hardly any complaints. Its ergonomic, efficient, and easy to maintain. My only nitpicks are that the sheath doesnt have a particularly sturdy clip or mount, though the lashing grommets make up for this somewhat.

    My other nitpick is the reflective surface. this is a bare bones, lethal force combat knife, and in my opinion a massive shiny talon of steel is more ostentatious than it needs to be for such a blade. A very fine bead blast finish or some kind of non-reflective coating would be a fantastic addition and a perfect finishing touch for this knife.
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    It's a really great knife, but its sheath has a weak belt clip that comes appart too easily.

    I was carrying my steel tiger clipped on my belt and it fell with its sheath on the floor in the middle of a museum... ahem
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    Best knife to carry out the day compliants.....But I do think ColdSteel you guys shoud make a Pocket folding karambit with thats triad and a wave from the Pocket with about 2-3inches of blade and nice thickness also steel liners with g10 handles.....I would love to have something more concealable and personally I love the karambit have many Pocket karambits but to have one from cold steel itll just replace my others just because you make the best stuff ever. Think about it...
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    I love my steel tiger, hasnt left my side since i purchased it. only gripe is that the clip on the sheath broke.
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