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    Blade Length: 4"
    Overall Length: 8"
    Steel: German 4116 Stainless
    Weight: 2.3 oz
    Blade Thickness: 3 mm
    Handle: 4" Long G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style
    Sheath:Secure-Ex® Neck Sheath With Bead Chain Lanyard

    Entirely re-engineered for this year our Spike series continue to raise the bar for neck knives! Thin, light and super-tough, their razor sharp, zero ground blades, are complemented by heavily scalloped, textured handle scales that offer a comfortable, secure grip.

    Integral quillons provide a safe stop for index finger and thumb, while the textured G-10 Griv-Ex™ Style provides excellent positive traction even when your hands are cold, wet and slippery.

    Available in four distinctive blade shapes (Bowie, Drop Point, Tokyo and Tanto point) they offer all the strength of a solid steel one-piece construction (much stronger than any tactical folder and even rivaling the strength of some boot knives) while still being light enough to carry all day without fatigue.

    The brand new Spike series is come complete with all-new Secure-Ex sheaths that provide even greater retention and safety. Super lightweight (weighing in at 3oz in the sheath!) the Spikes can be comfortably worn around the neck 24/7 by using the black bead lanyard provided, or carried on a waistband or belt by taking advantage of their new Tek-Lok™ compatible design.

    Easily concealed, razor sharp and light as a feather – the new Spike series by Cold Steel!

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    I have carried this for over a year, and it has proved an infallible companion. It is handsome, well made, durable, and the perfect combination of a thin profiled knife, with a still heavy duty blade.

    The only design flaw is that the neck chain is far too delicate, and the neck style of carry is inherently impractical for everyday/urban use. However the sheath has rivet holes on each side, and with some leather lacing I made a carry loop of sorts, by running the lacing through these holes. It has functioned flawlessly. Furthermore the sheath has retained its elasticity, and I never need to worry about the knife coming free of the sheath if I am running or even rolling in the field.

    On a similar note, the tanto and drop point style are rather the more practical of the four choices, since they do not feature a false edge on the spine as the Tokyo and Bowie blade styles do. This makes them much more versatile, as they can be plied with a greater range of grips/uses.

    I heavily recommend this knife to anyone that carries a knife as an everyday tool, and requires a real work horse type knife on a regular basis; whether for smaller work such as carving, whittling, , cutting packages/letters, and even onto small wires or tin/aluminum cans. I have even employed the knife as a means self defense, and was confident enough in this knife that I was not at all concerned for my safety.

    This knife also proved as being quite suitable for any jobs inherent to camping, hiking, survivall. This knife makes a great addition to any collection.
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