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    Blade Length: 3 1/2"
    Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
    Overall Length:8 1/8"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless w/ Black Tuff-Ex Finish
    Weight:5.4 oz
    Handle:4 5/8" Long G-10
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    Being a police officer, deputy sheriff or state trooper is often a thankless job performed under frequently dangerous and trying circumstances. long shifts that change from days, to swing, to graveyard and back again take their toll; not to mention the mediocre pay and missed holidays and celebrations with family and friends. yet our nation’s law enforcement officers continue to tirelessly serve their fellow citizens and provide the “thin blue line” that holds evil at bay and allows us to live in peace and prosperity.

    Now cold steel is pleased to give these real american heroes a knife named in their honor and expressly designed to serve them—the American Lawman™. built like a proverbial tank, it's comfortable in the most extreme environments and will shrug off the harshest abuse like water off a duck’s back. this is one super tough knife that can be relied on, even in life or death situations.

    The drop point blade is "civilian friendly" in appearance yet big, wide and most importantly, pointed enough for any cutting or piercing task. made from japanese aus 8a stainless steel and hollow ground to a thin, hand-polished edge, it's as sharp as a serpent’s tooth and will easily sever the toughest, most fibrous materials. to further protect it from rust and the constant exposure to inclement weather, it comes with a black, non-reflective Tuff-Ex finish.

    Since law enforcement officers never really know what is in store for them from one shift to the next, we thought it was very important to make the American Lawman™'s handle as versatile and user friendly as possible. supplied with dual pocket clips and twin thumb studs, it’s completely ambidextrous and can be opened one-handed in a flash. plus, due to its well thought out finger grooves, it's equally comfortable and effective in either a forward or reverse grip and can be even "choked up on" for tasks requiring extra fine edge or point control.

    Keeping a firm grip on their knife when their hands are cold, wet, tired or oily is also a major priority for law enforcement officers. That's why we have equipped these knives with aggressively textured G-10 handle scales. They’re lightweight, enormously strong, and most importantly offer terrific traction to the hand so the skin and flesh of the fingers will stick to them like glue.

    Having the lock break on your folder is serious and may result in badly cut fingers. but if the lock fails on a police officer's knife, it could be a genuine disaster and result in loss of life or limb. that's why we have provided each American Lawman™ with our new tri-ad locking mechanism. designed to withstand terrific impact forces and weight loads transferred to it's mechanism from the edge, point and even back of the blade, it has passed with flying colors and never failed even once despite being subjected to the most gruesome torture testing scenarios we could devise.

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    I own the lawman knife and have been using it for almost a year straight now. This knife, simply put, is a workhorse. I've opened probably a hundred boxes with it, cut rope and plastic containers... everything imaginable... and the lockup is just as tight as it was when I took it out of the box. I even let my friend borrow it to open paint cans with, and it held up (despite some of the teflon coating wearing off)

    The only two problems I've had with this knife are that there is a screw or connector that is loose in the knife. When you shake the knife, you can hear it clicking. The lockup is still tight, and nothing feels wobbly or loose, but you can heard a clicking noise when you shake the knife. Someday I'll disassemble this thing and fix it, but it doesn't really hurt anything.

    The second problem was more my fault than anything, I stripped the main screw head while trying to tighten the knife up. If this happens, you can use a dremel to re-profile a slit on the screw and you're good to go.

    Other than that... I haven't had any real issues with the knife. Obviously if you mistreat it, the paint will wear off. You're going to have to re-sharpen this knife after a while, even though the factory edge is razor sharp.

    Overall it's a really good knife. I think my next knife will be a Recon 1 Spear Point.
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    this knife is the best one that i have ever owned. When I buy a knife I expect it to perform under any situation. For instance I went camping and i forgot my can opener so i decided to use the lawman.It cut through that can like butter. I can say that I will never buy another brand of knife again. Cold Steel Rocks!!!!!!
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    I got the American Lawman about five months ago. Since then, I have carried it with me whenever I'm not in school. I for a long time tried working with cheap "value knives", but always with two or three weeks was back online looking for another. I finally collected some money and looked into Cold Steel. The Lawman immediately caught my eye. I had to have it and ordered it within a few days. I've since been incredibly happy with it.
    When I first got it. It was incredibly stiff. It took plenty of force to open and I barely was able to close it with nor hand. However, since then, it is very easy to unlock and flip open. The speed of the knife isn't the absolute best, but is plenty for EDC and some lube makes it smooth and decently fast.
    The blade steel, AUS8, is a nice steel. This knife is built for hard use and I couldn't think of a better steel. It holds a nice edge and is a strong steel. It is also very easy to sharpen. Thumb studs are nice and large, and ambidextrous. The tuff-ex coating, the black coat on the blade comes off pretty easy, but the look makes it look pretty cool IMO.
    The handle is a tough, TOUGH G10 handle. It will likely shred ur pockets for the first month of use until it wears down a little. The pocket clip is very strong, and also coated with black Tuff-ex. The knife is left or right tip up carry only. CS includes a pocket clip for lefties also. At the butt of the knife, there is a nice, large lanyard hole. I find it very useful to put a knife lanyard on for ease of pulling from your pocket, since the clip is so strong.
    The lock-up is incredibly solid. The Tri-ad Lock is amazing and IMO the best lock compared to any other, making CRKT's AutoLawks seem cheap and pathetic. It is easy now to close with one hand but you will struggle a little for the first week or so of use. I find no blade play at all in this knife in any direction and have dropped it multiple times, and in some cases pried with the knife.
    Over all, I have to give the knife 4 out of 5 stars. I love it and plan to soon purchase the Code 4. Thanks Cold Steel!!!
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    I love this knife, and everything is spot on for a folding, hunting knife/self defense knife. But one thing really bugs me. The butt of the handle is just too fat and square. Now, I own two different Recon 1 knives and the back end on those are perfect. They have the perfect width and perfect shape. This knife would be perfect if Cold Steel would change only the back and make it less fat, and more Recon 1ish.
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