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    Blade Length: 3 1/2"
    Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
    Overall Length: 9"
    Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless w/ Black Tuff-Ex Coating
    Weight: 5.5 oz
    Handle: 5 1/2" Long G-10
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    AK- 47® Series
    In 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov, the legendary Russian gun designer, created the AK-47 assault rifle. Eventually adopted by the Red Army in 1949, it became famous as the "People's Rifle". Such renown was well deserved, as it was an utterly reliable weapon. It was rugged, simple to operate and maintain, economical, and effective at reasonable ranges. This weapon, and all it represents became the inspiration for our heavy-duty tactical knives, the AK-47® folders. Designed by Andrew Demko, the AK-47®'s possess all of the attributes of their namesake, and perhaps a few more.

    They're built for hard and rugged use and are available in two sizes. Both sizes have many features in common. For instance, both are equipped with G-10 handles that offer a vigorous grip that is remarkably tough, rigid and incomparably strong. Also, each size comes with a unique pommel made out of 6061 aluminum. The pommels feature a lanyard hole and can also serve as a "less than lethal" percussion tool in a self-defense situation.

    Additionally, the hollow ground blades are honed by hand until they reach levels of sharpness only seen on a surgeon's scalpel. They're made from Japanese AUS 8A Stainless steel, then vacuum heat-treated and sub zero quenched for maximum toughness. The blades are coated with black Tuff-Ex for corrosion resistance and to enhance cutting power and to improve edge retention by reducing friction.

    The blades are supported by our state of the art Tri-Ad® lock. In our testing, the Tri-Ad® has proved to be superior to any other lock on the market today in terms of overall strength and resistance to shock induced by blows on the spine (eclipsing virtually all locks in short order) or the even more devastating shock by over-strike that lands on the handle. Finally, to assure easy access, the AK-47®'s come with an ambidextrous pocket clip and our new patented thumb plate. The thumb plate has a dual purpose, it allows the knife to be drawn and quickly opened by snagging it on the edge of a pocket or it can be used like a conventional thumb stud or disc for easy, one-handed opening.

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    Just got this knife in the mail today an I must say I am impressed! It's shave sharp (not razor sharp but the next level up) I pulled the blade up the length of my arm an every hair just fell to the ground, sadly I'm left with a strange bald line on my arm but aside from it's out of the box sharpness this knife is perfect to me I like the size the weight the blade steel the handle material the 6061 alluminum pommel/glass breaker the aggressive grip on the scale and obviously the triad lock. But best of all I found it on a seperate websit for 60 bucks and after handlin the knife for a bit I would easily pay full price for it if it was my only option this knife is worth every penny and more. The pocket snag (wave) opening system get the knife open quicker than and switchblade or otf knife I have because it's already open as it comes out of the pocket! Sure s30 would've been better but then the price would've also been higher so I can't complain. The only thing I'd as is maybe some jimping on the back but with how great the grip is it is uneeded tbh. There is no better knife for the price I would recommend it to anyone.

    P.s. I will definitely be buying more cold steel products in the future
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    This is a fantastic knife. My only gripe is that the coating comes off a bit too easily. The ergonomics are flawless, and even if you have big gloved hands, this knife will accommodate them comfortably. The knife is surprisingly lightweight, but is also a big, beefy tactical folder. It feels very secure in hand, and WOW does it come sharp.

    It's very easy to deploy by snagging the thumb plate on your pocket. Really is faster than a switchblade. This knife is more than worth the cost, and if you need a fast-deploying tactical folder that is super strong, you would be remiss not to purchase this knife. The blade shape is phenomenal, too. If the coating was more durable, this knife would be absolutely perfect. As it stands, more than worth the cost.
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    I received another AK-47 knife for a Christmas Present but had to send to back to the company because the blade broke off a chip and the thumb or catch release came off, I sent it back to Cold Steel and less than a month I received a NEW knife in a replacement. That right there tells me that this company IS for Real when it comes to Customer Satisfaction which is unheard of in these day and times!! The new knife had a few upgrades than the knife that I turned back in if I'm not mistaken so I'm so stoked to have this blade back in my pocket, I'm Retired from the Marine Corps and I travel across the boarder to visit my Fiancée which I can't bring along any other weapon durning my long drive so having this knife with me makes me warm and fuzzy to say the least, So I say Oohh Rahh and Semper Fi Cold Steel for your Committment to making a quality knife and keeping your Loyal Custormers just as you are LOYAL. Razorblade USMC OUT!!
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    Beautiful knife, only two issues are 1, the thumb grip could be better, and 2, i find it more difficult to oil then most other knives. Other than that, its an amazing product and certainly is faster than any automatic illegal knife (in Canada) and makes a great tactical folder. THANK YOU COLD STEEL
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    best knife ever. tactical and practical. Very sharp be careful.
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