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    Blade Length: 3 1/2"
    Blade Thickness: 4 mm
    Overall Length:8 3/8"
    Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless (Bead Blast Finish)
    Weight: 4.4 oz
    Handle: 4 7/8" Long Griv-Ex™
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    The Rajah III is basically a scaled down, more pocket friendly, version of its big brother. Designed by Andrew Demko, it shares almost all the major features of the Rajah II including an AUS 8A stainless blade, Tri-Ad™ lock, thumb plate opener, ambidextrous pocket clips, and a Grivory handle with steel liners for extra strength and rigidity.

    The Rajah III’s handle offers a number of grip options due to its carefully sculptured shape and cross section and is particularly well suited to the reverse grip thanks to a unique thumb shelf built into the butt.

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    This is a great knife in the cold steel family.I love the way you can open it right out of the pocket.The handle has a good feel to it. It feels good in the pocket. razor sharp right out of the box.
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    This was my first knife that was over an inch and even though I have much bigger knives know This is still my favorite knife! I abuse this knife terribly like "Absolute Proof" abuse daily and it has never failed me on any task. when you slip this puppy in your pocket and then draw, the thumb plate snags on pocket corner and you can open the knife in a split second. The serrated edge I have is still at a razor sharp edge and I have never sharpened it over the year i've I had it. This thing is my "pocket machete" that clears through brush and small trees like a hot knife though butter. Its my EDC and my personel favorite. Thank you Andrew Demko and Coldsteel

    This is one purchase I assure you that you will not regret it!

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    I LOVE my "Little Rajah 3!" This is one serious folding knife. It can cut! It is one of my favorite EDC Knives of all! I have just about all of the Cold Steel Knives, and this is my EDC favorite. Why? This blade type is a great for a Tactical Survival Knife, and this Rajah is not too big for EDC. It conceals very nice with it's black pocket clip. The Thumb-Plate design works the best on the Rajah Models. And, it opens faster than any of my other Cold Steel Knives in this same size group of 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" blades.

    The only Cold Steel folder that I own that opens faster is my Ti-Lite 6.

    The only thing that I would like to see Cold Steel do, is to offer one a size larger with a 4 1/2" blade. Because, the only con I have is, I would like this knife to have more reach...

    I know there is the Spartan in this size, but I have a Spartan and I don't care for the handle, but love the blade and size. I like the Rajah's handle better, because it's lighter and easier to draw and is more usefull for utility purposes and also, it's easier to manipulate in your hand...

    Rajah's are Kings, in my opinion!

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    Well I got this knife because I fell in love with the spartan. But because of the laws in my city I can't carry it. So I wanted something a little smaller and looked like the spartan with all the same features. And sure enough I found the rajah 3. It's like a baby brother of the spartan even though its suppose to be the baby brother of the rajah 2. It delivers the same speed I need with the wave deployment and its cold steel...enough side.
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    I've carried a sog flash II for 2-3 years and dont get me wrong I love it but the blades got the tiniest bit of wobble making me question its durability. i bought a cold steel gurkha kukri for camping and I instantly fell in love with cold steel, kukris and kukri style blades and thus my flash has now been replaced as my everyday carry knife by the much more durable yet still the same pocket friendly sized Rajah III. The flash is spring assisted however with the Rajahs pocket snag feature im actually able to draw the blade faster than the flash from my pocket as the two motions of drawing the knife and then the blade has now been combined into one
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