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    Blade Length: 7"
    Overall Length: 12"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 10.6 oz
    Blade Thickness: 4 mm
    Handle: 5" Long w/ Polypropylene Scales
    Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath

    As its name suggests, our G.I. Tanto is a no-nonsense tactical knife that comes with a legion of practical uses. It may be lean and spare, but it delivers the goods where they count the most! The broad Tanto point blade, integral quillon guard, and Polypropylene handle scales, exemplify a tactical knife stripped down to its bare essentials. It’s ground razor sharp out of 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper and protected by a black, rust resistant finish so it's ready to take all the abuse you and Mother Nature can dish out.

    Heavy, sharp and wonderfully balanced, it's easy to throw by either the blade or handle and it hits with real vigor. In a survival or self-defense situation, it can be quickly and easily converted into a spear or war club. Just remove the handle scales and lash the blade securely to a suitable wooden shaft! Best of all, it's a great value. Please don't throw away hundreds and hundreds of dollars on similar knives sold by convicted felons and rip off artists posing as elite "military operators". Get the real G.I. Tanto from Cold Steel and get more than your money's worth

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    I took this knife to Afghanistan. The handle was a bit slick so I used 550 chord to wrap it and make it better for holding with gloves. The knife holds an edge well and can be sharpened to a razor. I've had a Ka-bar before and it has way better edge retention than that piece of crap. This knife was equal parts fighting knife/pry bar when I needed it. At one point during a firefight we had two trucks stuck together by a tow bar and during the firefight I shoved this knife in between the tow bar and coupling link and was able to pry it apart while under fire. I shoved it back into my sheath and when I got back to the base later that night, I inspected the damage. The knife wasn't even bent and it separated two multi ton vehicles. In fact it could still cut well. Great knife I highly recommend.
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    This was my first quality knife, and the first knife I ever received from Cold Steel. It got me hooked on you guys!

    Firstly, the value is superb. It's well worth MSRP (that's a rare thing these days), but at retailers and online stores you can find this for under $30! That's an insane price. From what I understand, this knife is modelled after the Strider BT - an overpriced piece of junk compared to the GI Tanto! Destruction tests you can find on YouTube that compare the two show that the GI Tanto cuts better and is more durable.

    There's a lot to like about this knife. I love how brutally simple it is. I love the integral guard, the materials, and the way it looks. I love how durable this is. If you need an inexpensive knife to take to hell and back, a knife you absolutely need to know WILL NOT BREAK, this is it. I also love the sheath. It's awesome. If you like inverted carry, this is the knife to do it with, because retention is almost stupid strong. The eyelets are great, the drain hole is great, and I love that the belt loop is removable, detachable, and adjustable. Also love that it has both velcro AND a snap. The finger choil is also great.

    What don't I like about it? The handle could be more ergonomic. It just isn't too comfortable without gloves, and the finger troughs, while usually excellent from Cold Steel, aren't too comfortable to have here. It's a little difficult to remove the knife from its sheath one-handed when it's on my belt because the retention is so strong. I would have liked to see a finger ramp with jimping on the sheath.

    The thing I dislike most about this knife is the tip. It's very strong (it's Cold Steel, after all), but because of that false edge it's never going to be as strong as a standard Cold Steel tanto - a big part of the strength that comes from the tanto design is the tip being reinforced by the spine. We don't have that benefit here. On the plus side, you can sharpen the false edge to perform back cuts and to pierce a little better, so I suppose it's not so bad. One awesome thing about the GI Tanto's geometry and blade shape is that because it's so broad and the tanto tip so acute here, you can perform some of the most devastating snap cuts with this knife.

    Overall, you'd be silly not to consider this knife if you want an excellent combat knife at any price. Cold Steel is right in their description of this knife, don't overpay for knives from tacticool companies that won't perform as well as this or be as strong as this. Just look up the destruction tests on this thing. It won't break on you, despite what I said about the tip.

    If I lost this somehow, I would cry, despite the price. And then I would immediately buy another, again, partially because of the price. You have a knife collection, or are a serious knife user, and don't have a GI Tanto? Get one, or you're missing out on one of the best values in the knife industry.
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    Don't let "Made in China" fool you. This knife is a virtually invincible beast. It can handle any chore you task it with and will always be ready for more. This is one of my best knives I own.
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    I recently Purchased a G.I. Tanto and right out of the box the knife was very heavy (Good Thing) and sharp enough to shave the hair on my arm. The only thing that didnt look right is that mine has "CHINA" stamped under the words "COLD STEEL" and it does not show that on the website photo of the knife. Also on the spine of the knife you can see that mine was stamp cut out of a sheet of steel. I thought these were made in USA. Have I purchased a FAKE? Other than the doubt of my knife being a fake, if it is a fake its a damn tough one! It batons very good, i gave it the point test making a hole through a 2x4 and also used a hammer to drive it through an old xbox console. Knife still has a nice sharp point, and did not bend. I love my new knife and I hope it is real.Good job to whoever made it.
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    I just got this knife and its a beast, its almost indestructible and its weight and cutting power is insane. Its a perfect knife for the price. This was my first cold steel blade and this was the deciding factor for me, im hooked and my next knife will definetly be a cold steel recon tanto.
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