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    Blade Length: 9"
    Overall Length: 13 3/8"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 18.3 oz
    Blade Thickness: 5 mm
    Handle: 4 3/8" Long
    Sheath:Separate Sheath Available (#SC80TBP)

    Definitely in the heavyweight class, our Sure Balance Thrower is just shy of 13 1/2" long and weighs a little over a pound. It'll wreak havoc no matter how it lands! It's designed to resemble a classic thrower from the 1950's and features a narrow, yet robust point that drives deep into a wood target, but is resilient enough to resist bending or breaking. Made of 1055 carbon steel with a black, bakedon protective coat, it casts off rainy and inclement weather like an umbrella and is sure to last for many years.

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    An overall good throwing knife. It is huge and powerful. It can be thrown accurately from a big distance, I can throw it accurately up to 2 1/2 to 3 spins, after that you're just chucking it and hoping for the best. Keep in mind though that 3 spins for this knife is about 24 feet from the target. On the downside, the protective black coating easily and quickly wears off wherever the blade makes contact with the target. The knife comes extremely sharp on both edges which is really bad for any knife thrower, I had to use a file to dull it out so it wouldn't cut my hands. The tip comes to a really sharp and thin point, this is both good and bad. For your first few throws that sharp point goes in really good, but because it is so thin, the tip bends VERY easy. I used a clamp to bend the tips back, but it would break off. I have to use my file to reshape the point often and keep it relatively sharp. Another thing is that if you have multiple sure balance knives and you throw them at the same target, you have to avoid throwing the knives close together. Because these knifes don't have the rounded edges that many other good throwers you can find have, when the blades hit each other they make deep grooves in the edge of the blade where they collided. When this occurred with me I would have to use my file to smooth it out. The blade can also form metal splinters after collisions, these also have to be filed off. While there are many problems that can occur it is actually a good knife. The steel is a much higher quality than other knives that you will find mass-produced. They do require maintenance if you are a heavy duty thrower but they are relatively hardy and will last a long time. They also throw perfectly.
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    Gosh love and own many of your knifes, WE want throwers we don't have to tape and weight the handels to keep from spinning. needs to be 13 plus inches for a new be, just works so much better. Im not that new be but son and friends would be that market. plus I know a lot of us are really interested in a controllable no spin knife
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    does what it supposed to... get one in fact get three... good value
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    I bought six of these knives and have been throwing them for a couple days. They are large knives, well balanced and heavy, and throw very well. They are a little unnecessarily pointed resulting in the tip breaking easily. Too sharp for a throwing knife, but a little work with a good file will take care of the edge and the broken points. Before someone says, well what have you been throwing at to break the point, I throw each knife at it's own target to avoid collisions, all end grain of large timber sections (log rounds). Overall I am very pleased with these knives for the money.
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