Emperor Katana

Emperor Katana

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    Blade Length: 29 1/2"
    Overall Length: 40 3/4"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 41.4 oz
    Handle: 11 1/4" Samé (Ray Skin) Handle w/ Black Silk Braid Cord w/ Brass Menuki
    Scabbard: Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard

    Our factory has used only traditional materials for our Japanese sword's fittings. The Tsuba (guard), Fuchi (collar), and Kashira (pommel), are expertly made and finely crafted in nickel-silver brass.

    The Habaki (blade collar) is hand made out of nickel-silver brass and each hilt is covered in Samé (ray skin) and tightly wrapped in the traditional style with black silk cord. A beautiful Menuki (a small ornamental sculpture inserted between the ray skin and the cord wrappings on the handle) enhances the sword's aesthetic appearance and makes for a sword that is as traditional looking as we can possibly make it.

    All feature fully sharpened 1055 carbon steel blades, each heat treated to a spring temper. The blade surface is then given a careful polish by hand, with a distinctive mirror polish applied to the fuller (blood groove).

    All come complete with a BLACK LACQUERED SCABBARD and a BLUE-VIOLET COVER BAG.

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    I bought the Cold Steel Emperor Katana after looking through multiple online sites, for months. This sword is beautiful. It is well balanced and razor sharp. My only thought for improvement is that the Saya (scabbard) could be more ornate. Wrapping it in the same material and pattern as the Tsuka (handle) would be great. If you ever do that I'll buy it. Great sword. Dave A.
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    I recently bought this sword and am very impressed with it. The scabbard however came with some minor damage of the paint at the top and the paint is continuing to flake off. I believe the prior person that commented has a point in that wrapping the scabbard with the same material that the handle is wrapped in would be not only appealing but keep the scabbard from getting damaged so easily. For the price, you might want to consider this as an option or consider offering a scabbard that has a rubberized coating on it for durability. All in all a very fine sword worthy of the Cold Steel name.
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    A well-made Katana can slice a human torso clean into two with one cut. Yes, they are sharp.
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    I gave the first review on the Emperor Katana. When I said that I would buy one if you wrapped the scabbard, I meant, buy another one. Also, I called and requested that you produce one with white braidwork. I will keep checking back. I'm still thrilled with my purchase!
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    Whoop whoop, sparing for this katana for zombie apocalypse!
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