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    Blade Length: 13"
    Overall Length: 18 3/8"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 18.9 oz
    Handle: 5 3/8" Rosewood
    Scabbard: Leather Scabbard

    The Scottish Dirk that most knife enthusiasts are familiar with these days is, more or less, a piece of rubbish— a prop—a costume accessory for stage and screen. It's declined into a "knife like object" that people hang above their mantles or on the walls of dimly lit, wood-paneled dens.

    Our version is a modern replica that harkens back to an earlier form, when the dirk was a functioning tool and weapon. The 13" blade is forged to a hard spring temper from 1055 Carbon steel. It's 1 1/2" wide and comes combat sharp and battle-ready, prepared to hew down any foe.

    The attractive Rosewood handle is capped with a contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster and disc-shaped pommel, and an handsome leather scabbard completes the package. The scabbard features an extra wide belt loop with a blued-steel throat and chape. This is the perfect companion piece to complete your Highland ensemble, a real fighting dirk, instead of a useless piece of metal.

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    Best blade I ever had feels really good in my hands my only regret is not getting it sooner
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    This blade has a more natural feel to me than any other weapon I've ever held, like a true extension of your own arm. The handle and adornments are absolutely beautiful, and offer a strong and sure grip. With a very fine point-of-balance as well (I estimate just over .5" from the blade hilt) it offers superior control. The first thing i did after receiving and "feeling out" the weapon, was order a second. If my money allowed, I'd keep a dozen on principal alone. Well suited for either a fine second-hand weapon, or a lightning fast pair of ambidextrous "short swords." In my opinion, they would have been a much favored blade of any cutthroat, rogue, or assassin.
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    I am a Scotsman and very proud of my Heritage. As such I was a little skeptic when my wife bought this for my 24th birthday. But I can honestly say that I have never held or used a better Scottish Dirk for the money. Well built and sturdy, very well balanced and very sharp right out of the box. And like any proper traditional Scottish weapon it is very simple. Simply a great weapon. And it looks great with my traditional kilts. I want to get the broadsword next, but I will probably be taking the red tassel off the pommel. Well done Cold Steel well done.
    George, 25
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    A great knife! At the spine it is a thick, strong blade. I was shocked how lively and natural it felt when I picked it up. Even my wife, who does not know a lot about knives, commented about how light it feels in the hand. It is a great design and well executed. This knife is enough to make me wish I were Scottish!
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    I love this weapon. It's the perfect length and weight and feels good in the hand.
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