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    Pole Axe

    Overall Length: 73 1/8"
    Hawk Length: 10 1/2"
    Primary Edge: 6 3/4"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 6 Lbs. 13 oz
    Handle: 72" Long

    With superior reach and armor-shattering force the Pole Axe represented the great equalizer between the common foot soldier and the terrifying juggernaut that was the Knight on horseback on the medieval battlefield. The heavy machine-gun of its day, the Pole Axe was unstoppable!

    The same attributes that made the Pole Axe so renowned on the battlefields of old still ring true today. Easily capable of defeating modern day armor with the same brutal efficiency with which it despatched the Knights of old, the Pole Axe is a true powerhouse of performance.

    Through many years of experimenting and cross-training with axes, glaives, halberds and staves from all over the world and a multitude of martial cultures, Lynn C Thompson discovered the awesome potential of the Poll Arm against a whole host of opponents, even outfitted with today's modern armour and tools.

    Surprisingly deft in the hand, the Pole Axe is able to hook and entangle an enemy combatants weapons and limbs, and the has the ability to deliver mind-bogglingly powerful blows that crush or chop anything in it's path!

    The Pole Axe has long remained a weapon dear to Lynn's heart, so he decided to unveil his own modern interpretation of this formidable tool!

    Cold Steel's Pole Axe is expertly drop forged from 1055 carbon steel. The wickedly sharp axe blade and brutal hammer head are differentially heat treated, leaving the "business" ends of the weapon hard, and the body a little softer to absorb shock and impact.

    Our tough American made Ash handles are further strengthened with black steel langettes.

    Cold Steel has created a modern monster with devastating power the likes of which has not been seen on the battlefield since the dark ages!

    There is little on this planet that can withstand the might of the Pole Axe, or the man that wields it!

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    Last spring, I used my pole axe to chop out an unwanted shrub by the roots. The blade hit rocks in the soil, but never got dull. I love it.

    Since you are bringing back the pole axe, I'm hoping that you will bring back other items, such as she Swiss halberd and the flanged mace. please-please-please!
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    I bought this years ago before it was discontinued. It is awesome. I cut the handle down and made a war axe. Great piece to have.
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    Im glad you guys made one of these, as they were probably a knights first choice against another knight, but its missing a spike on the tip and butt, the lance point spear tip would be a perfect spike.
    2016 model maybe?
    Thanks for the great products. Im a fan and owner of many.
    -Nick B
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    this axe can save your life
    i was just going about my day normally when suddenly i heard some clanking coming towards me, at first i was confused then i saw him, he was clad in black plate mail and was nearly 8 feet tall. He had a longsword at his hip and a massive tower shield once he was close to me he drew his sword and raised his shield, i new he was challenging me, i then drew this axe and charged him, he raised his shield but it could not stand a blow from the mighty hammer of the axe as he stepped back from the impact of the blow i stepped forwards twisting the axe to have the blade face him and then i swung it with enough force to slice right through his armor. He stood still eyes agape through the slit in his helm, i had defeated him i wretched my axe from his body and kicked him to the ground and screamed to signify my victory.
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