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    Overall Length: 52"
    Hawk Length: 9 5/8"
    Primary Edge: 10 1/3"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 4 Lbs. 10 oz
    Handle: 48" Long. Hickory

    Viking Axe
    Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe. Until recently, we lacked the technical ability to make one to our satisfaction. However, with our new state-of-the-art forging facility, we can offer our customers something truly exceptional.

    Our Viking Axe's formidably long, thin blade is fully polished and hand sharpened to a bone-splitting, shield shattering edge. It comes with a robust 10" cutting surface that terminates in two sharp horns or points. Traditionally, the longer top point was used for stabbing, gouging, or parrying, while the slightly shorter bottom point was used to capture an opponent's shield or to hook and immobilize his neck, arms, or legs.

    To maximize leverage, strength, and dexterity of movement, the Viking Axe is equipped with a very strong, resilient haft. Made in Maine from the best hickory available, it enhances and amplifies our Viking Axe's lethal potential as a cutting, chopping and stabbing weapon.

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    Truly a unique item. A primary weapon. Seems easy to use. High quality all the way around as one would expect from Cold Steel.
    But there is always something and that something is the included fasteners. Low quality alloy. Do not over tighten them or you will break off the 1/8 inch screw head. Also for the money maybe the holes for the fasteners should be pre drilled. It would have made assembly much easier.
    How about a sheath?
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    Beautiful and deadly this is my favorite Cold Steel product. The axe head came pretty sharp, one or two passes with a sharpener and this slices skin without effort. I agree with the other post, having the haft pre-drilled would do wonders but alas still worth every penny. Pretty well balanced but this has heft, commitment to the strike is required but when this connects it's brutal!
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    The axe-head was bigger than I thought and it's sharpness impressed me. This thing is really pretty and looks like it would be useful in the case I need to defend myself (although I think it's sheer size would scare off any wrong-doers which is more effective in the end). I am disappointed by the screw head assembly as it is both highly historically inaccurate and also is made of a poor alloy an dis prone to stripping. Also the particular axe head I got had a small rusted occlusion in the steel that is a little unsightly and may result in structural damage in the future. The hickory haft that came with the axe is good wood but I hate the polyurethane (which I sanded off and used a more natural looking bee's wax and mineral oil that I buff on) and I think its about 1 1/2- 2 ft short for my taste. For the price I got it off Amazon I think it's a great deal if you want a beautiful item that is a reinvented close replica of a Viking Dave Axe and an item that can be a fun slicer or home protection tool. As always be careful and use common sense.
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    Just received the cold steel Viking broad axe, Very nice & seems well made for the cost, definetly would like to see a sheath come with the blade! , & will have one made or make one myself, so no kind of mishap takes place with such a sharp weapon around the house, Can surly see a child or even a grown person having a accident , also a pet, dog or what ever pets people may have. The Viking Axe is a weapon, & thats all, to leave it unsecuered & with no sheath or blade cover could be a serious injury to a young child or family pet.If & when the time comes that I have to put this weapon to use in the protection of myself or my family, I am confident it will be every bit as devestating as it looks & feels!As for the hardware that came with to keep the head secure, it is a bit low grade for the perpouse the screw & thread system are ment for, but a easy fix, go get stronger hardware at a hardware store, Stainless steel, or high tensel strength carbon steel screw & female threaded insert. Good product for the price.
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