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    Overall Length: 22"
    Hawk Length: 7 1/2"
    Primary Edge: 3"
    Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 28 oz
    Handle: American Hickory

    * Does NOT function as an actual smoking pipe

    Do you prize the look and authentic lines of a traditional Pipe Hawk, but have little use for the hollow bowl and the strength-compromised, drilled-out wooden "smoking" handle? Well here's a Pipe Hawk without those disadvantageous features.

    Precision forged from 1055 carbon steel, the Pipe Hawk offers a long, reasonably wide cutting edge and a solid, fully hardened hammer poll that's turned and ribbed to mimic a hollow pipe bowl.

    Fitted with a 19" hickory handle and weighing approximately 26 ounces it's heavy enough to be brutally effective as a chopping tool and weapon plus its solid bowl will drive nails, spikes and stakes with the power of a framing hammer.

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    I throw this hawk on a daily basis, it throws perfectly fine and the blade and hammer head steel is extremely strong. Also, id'e like to and that i'm in a pre-1840 reenactment club, (http://www.facebook.com/BlueRiverLongriflesInc?fref=ts) , and this hawk out performs every hand made hawk that the other guys throw in the club by alot. I've nailed other guys hawks with mine and it didn't even nick my blade but it will leave an extremely large dent in the hawk and no one will throw behind my hawk cause if they hit it... it puts a big dent in their blade.

    On the other hand i hate the handle it comes with its too long for just my throwing but great for working with and i hate the eyelet shape cause i like to use real tomahawk handles and the eyelet is shaped for hammer handles but, i just order crazy crow handles and trim about 1/4 of an inch off and slip them right in and it works perfect, and since the pipe head is technicaly a hammer head its a pole hawk but it does look great tho!
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    I bought this hawk more or less on a dare. I have to say it was well worth every penny. I did a lot of research on different tomahawks online to determine which one was the best. Unlike other tomahawks that cost in upwards of $100-$500 or more this hawk leaves them all inbthe dust. Out-of-the-box the quality was great. No nicks. Bit was firmly fixed to the handle without retention screw. No cant or twist to the bit. Wood quality was excellent. I saw a lot or reviews bashing Cold Steel but now I find them to be unfounded. This talk is excellent in every way, shape, and form. I did decide to refinish my pipe hawk after I received it. I cold blued the bit, stained the shaft black, and multicam paracord wrapped the bit to the shaft for that old-meets-new look. This hawk splits small logs with ease, chops and cuts wood with little to no effort, and is very well balanced for throwing. I can stick it in a tree with relative ease from 30+ feet. Whether you use this hawk for combat, survival, or just daily chores it'll do everything and always come back for more. A great all-around multi-use tool! Will be getting another one for my survival kit soon.
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    Best axe I have ever used. It is flexible in what it can do & with enough practice can do everything within with comfortable capacity of human exertion & more with a bit more skill.

    It's the difference between a small machine gun vs a battle rifle...which is where we got the prolific assault rifle. This size is perfect & even fits the description of a BOY'S AXE, making it a great gift for really anybody.

    I'm getting one for my boss, who has never owned a hatchet or tomahawk...or used one.

    I am sure he will put it to use this winter on the outdoor grounds for managing growth.
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