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    Overall Length: 19"
    Hawk Length: 8 3/4"
    Primary Edge: 3 1/2"
    Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 24 oz
    Handle: Polypropylene
    Sheath: Durable Polypropylene Sheath

    Our Trench Hawk may well be the perfect antidote to the raw terror of eyeball to eyeball combat in the confined spaces of a trench, bunker, alley or narrow hallway.

    All it takes is one stroke from either the vicious cutting edge or its brutal wedge shaped spike to end the fight, and if the party starts at longer range the Trench Hawk's twin "business ends" make an accurate throw a breeze, since there's double the chance of a lethal hit. When used defensively, the Trench Hawk's cutting edge and spike also provide a big advantage, as either can be used for hooking or trapping and, like our Spike Hawk, their combined length can be used to parry or block an incoming blow.

    Drop forged from 5150 carbon steel and differentially hardened, the head of the Trench Hawk will withstand tremendous blows and the awful stress of continued throwing.

    The handle of the Trench Hawk is also highly resistant to shock and impact and will withstand abuse that would easily break even a tough hickory handle. And, as an added benefit, is easily and cheaply replaced when finally worn out or broken from repeated throwing (NOTE: any handle can, and will, break eventually).

    Finally, to help protect its owner from its cutting edge and dangerously sharp spike, it comes with a patented Secure- Ex™ sheath that features a cleverly articulated design.

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    Just Got my trench hawk yesterday. It came fairly sharp but took a very nice edge after a very short time on a fine stone. Excellent size and weight for a tomahawk. I love the design and am looking forward to using this hawk for a very long time. Everything I have ever bought or seen that someone else has bought has been excellent quality. I will be buying many more things from you!
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    Never have been disappointed with cold steel, always came through when I needed it the most. I used my new trench hawk to spike a dead cow and the spike penatrated up to the handle. I weapon you truly trust.
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    i give this 5 stars a very good weapon and the fact you can change out the head and the shaft when they break if they ever did you have a battle ready weapon in min or two.
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    Just felt like I needed a hawk. Read everything I could find about them before I decided on this one. Honestly I didn't expect much. But man, I'm a definite hawk fan now. It's meant as a defensive tool but to my surprize it's one heck of a bush tool! I just love everything about this Trench Hawk. The weight, length and shape are outstanding. You can make some very powerful chops with it. I really like that you can choke way up towards the blade and use it for carving like a knife. Super investment. I got an extra handle for it but as stout as the handle is I don't foresee needing it for some time. It's a steal at the asking price and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in it. One of my happiest investments ever.
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    The Trench Hawk is an exceptional piece of weaponry! Both business ends are dangerous and while not specifically mentioned in the description, the knurled grip under the trench hawk's head is yet another effective way of handling opponents at closer ranges. I am very happy with all of my Cold Steel products! I am finding myself purchasing exclusively from Cold Steel. When quality is a must, why look anywhere else? Great job, Lynn and the Cold Steel staff!
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