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    Overall Length:22"
    Hawk Length: 6 1/2"
    Primary Edge: 2 1/4"
    Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 23.6 oz (Approx.)
    Handle: American Hickory

    Modeled after an early frontier pattern, our Trail Hawk can do it all. It's an excellent chopper and has a functional hammer poll with a hardened face so you can drives nails, hammer in stakes, and smash or crush just about anything. Best of all it's extremely lightweight and compact so it's a cinch to tuck it under your belt or lash it to a pack or shooting bag.

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    I bought this trail hawk over a year ago i have been more than impressed with it. Great for throwing, very tough, excellent cutting edge, and the handles hold up very well. Great for camping and hunting stays tucked in your belt very well while your moving. If your looking for a great universal tool this is without a question the one I would personally recommend.
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    I've owned and used the Trail Hawk since Sep 2012 and its been a great addition to my Cold Steel collection. This little number has excelled at simple chopping tasks (even taking down a small mesquite tree in the yard) and is a great thrower as well. The old handle lasted about a year before it splintered near the top and I also noted a lot of paint loss from the metal head, because of the heavy work-outs I've given this thing. I recommend the sheath for ease of portability and storage.

    Now onto my modifications since replacing the handle. I've kept the new handle without the screw in place and carefully sanded the wood to allow for a more precise fit for the axe head towards the top. By way of reviews elsewhere, I've coated the top part of the handle with beeswax after staining, allowing for a very tight seating of the head. I removed the gloss black paint from the head and antiqued the metal using a mild hot acid rub (cider or wine vinegar works great) - this really gave a much better look to the axe head, but I'll need to keep it well oiled now that the naked metal is exposed. The blade is easily honed using a simple two grit sharpener in conjunction with metal files. I'll be testing my throwing skills with my modified, screw free Trail Hawk from now on and I've two extra handles for replacement as needed. I'm sure my mods void any of the warranties, but at the price I paid for this tool, I'm willing to experiment a bit. So pleased am I with this tool, that I ordered the Norse Hawk and will shortly report my review on that too!

    - DEWDDS
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    I've had this hawk since I was a teenager and it is still my favorite of all the one's I own. I use it almost every day on the farm because it'll outchop any hardware store hatchet, the paint has worn off over the years, but the metal doesn't seem to care and I'm still on the original handle, just put motor oil on it about every six months gives it a great look and feel too.
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    Just received my hawk today. Out of the box it was nice. First few throws and the top of the handle just above the eye chipped. I've been throwing for about two years and I never miss the target (doesn't always stick though lol). This normal? Seems a little weak.
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    I got this tomahwk for Christmas and it is bad ass it is really sturdy and light great for choping and throwing
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