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    Weight: 15.6 oz
    Overall Length: 33 3/8"
    Thickness: 1 1/2" Diameter
    Material: Polypropylene

    Since 1980, when he first read Guru Dan Inosanto's book, "The Filipino Martial Arts", our President, Lynn C. Thompson, has diligently studied and trained in these disciplines. Lynn's extensive sparing experiences, combined with his study and training had an immeasurable impact in shaping Cold Steel into the company it is today.

    Our brand new Cold Steel Escrima Stick resembles a traditional rattan stick in length, weight, and cross section, it is however, much more durable because it is injection molded from super tough black polypropylene. It measures 32" long and is 1" in diameter and weighs a little over 15 ounces. Unlike rattan, it resists mildew, and won’t dry out, warp, crack splinter or shrink, and with the use of a saw, it can easily be modified to any length. Plus, like our baseball bats, Bokken, and African Walking Stick, it is easy to clean and is so resistant to impact stresses and the elements, that it is virtually unbreakable and practically indestructible. We’re confident that stick fighting enthusiasts and the Filipino Martial Arts Community will want to add one or more of these sticks to their training arsenal.

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    I recently purchased this product. It is extremely well made and durable. I found it a bit long and heavy for my use, as I'm a small person, and found their customer service friendly and helpful for the best way to reduce its length.
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    I've been studying dacayana escrima for about 2 and a half years now and a pair of cold steel sticks has been with me for most of that time. I got them, about 6 months apart, intrigued by the notion of sticks that wouldn't break no matter what the abuse you put them through. Besides, thought I, this is the 21st century. If some of the most popular guns on the market can be polymer, why not sticks?
    Well they certainly preformed as advertised, 2 years later and not much has changed since I got them. A few scratches and nicks but they're still pretty stable. That being said, they have a few disadvantages novices should be aware of. First off, the weight. These are a lot heftier than your garden variety rattan sticks. When I first got them, I could barely swing them. Part of that was my conditioning at the time, but a lot of that was they were just unwieldy. I shaved the first section off each and it was a lot more manageable, but that put me at a disadvantage when doing disarms and 2 stick drills. The nickname they have in my class is the black pipes. That being said, they're good for conditioning and building up your strength. The second disadvantage is, ironically enough they're to tough. I took them on a deployment last year and kept up my training with another accolyte, and when 6 months of wood work were up, my cs sticks were going strong and he was left with a pair of rattan nunchucks! So with that being said, are they bad products? Not at all. They're great for building up strength, and they'll definitely take whatever abuse you swing them at. I'm currently on another deployment and I have them with me at work every day, partly to act as batons, we don't have any at our location, partly for pt, (I've worked out a circuit training routine with them,) and partly because the snakes are numerous enough around these parts that it helps to keep about 26 inches of snake repellent on my person.
    My advice to new comers would be to buy a pair and use them for strength training, but keep a pair of rattan to practice with others.
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    I want a 48" version that could double as a simple walking stick, improvised pole for my backpacking tent, and still be a useful weapon!
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    I just received the escrima stick and 4 other pieces from CS and I love them all. The escrima sick is perfect for keeping at my door side or my bed side. It is weighty and solid. Having it in my hand, the feel, makes me know that it will do the job when it all his the fan. Buy the African Walking stick too! SOLID must have! Dale, CleveHts Oh
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    I've had this product for about a year now. These things are indestructible. I have quite literally beat trees until they have fallen with these things, and they show no signs of abuse. Honestly one of my top 10 purchases of all time.
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