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    Weight: 13.6 oz
    Overall Length: 37 5/8"
    Handle: 11 Layer Fiberglass
    Shaft: 3/4"

    Here are some classy walking sticks that are just at home at the opera as they are on a stroll through the urban jungle. The City Stick's glossy black shafts are made out of eleven layers of fiberglass which, in impact tests, proved to be virtually unbreakable.

    The stick is topped with a lightweight 6160 Aluminum head that's been given a mirror polish finish. The head is removable so it can be easily engraved or modified to suit your taste.

    The base is fitted with thick rubber ferule to keep you from slipping on the mean streets and cracked sidewalks.

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    This is an awsome cane. I have had this for over a year and use it daily. As a martial artist, I appreciate the protection it can give. Very light weight and fast to use if called upon. I cut it down to fit my own height. At age 70 this a great equalizer.
    Good Work
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    Good decent cane, could use some rubber on the foot (dampening sound on hard surfaces like wood and concrete). The head part is very well attached and will NOT fall off or break soon. Great advantage there. To bad there are currently only 2 head parts available (along the one shown in the pictures here, there seems to be a skull head aswell). I have not had the luck to find the skull head myself, but I hope I will in the future. Pretty heavy in weight, so not really something for the elderly. But it is at least a cane they won't break. Good job Cold Steel team!
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    Great sticks - i have one I've made slightly less "showy" by painting the head matt black. Looks great. Carry it most of the time.

    Colin (Manchester, UK)
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    Fantastic cane!! I do a lot of research before I buy anything. Once again it paid off. Protector and walker, hands down the best I've seen. Thanks Coldsteel.
    Mike B
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    Excellent cane and tool, I'm just wondering why did they take the steel head out of the equation, it sounded amazing and better then the aluminum one
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