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    Weight: 6.7 oz
    Overall Length: 39"
    Thickness: Approx. 1/2" (Base) 5/8" (Neck)
    Head 1 1/2"

    Our Slim Stick represents a new departure in the world of elegant walking sticks. It's light as a feather, yet stiff and rigid enough to offer surprisingly good support when crossing wet, slippery streets or negotiating cracked broken sidewalks. It takes its inspiration from similar sticks used in the Filipino Martial Arts and Boxe Française (Savate). It's amazingly tough, strong, and blindingly fast.

    The Slim Stick's incredible weight to speed ratio, combined with its strength and rigidity, is the result of the materials used in its fabrication. The mirror polished "dimpled" ball head is fashioned out of solid 6061 aluminum and double silver anodized to resist abrasion and tarnish. But the real weight economy was achieved in the construction of its unique shaft. Spun on a custom made mandrel from 100% black and silver carbon fiber thread it's incredibly handsome and strong and, in our very severe impact tests, proved to be virtually unbreakable! Plus, we have equipped the Slim Stick with a small but highly functional rubber ferrule, which really grips most surfaces and is easily replaced when worn out.

    If you're looking for a new, cool stick that can be wielded fast as light and provides real functional support and balance, then the Slim Stick is definitely for you.

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    Just plain awesome and elegant. Surprisingly light and a great walking cane/stick. Durable and strong and great for personal protection. I highly recommend it to people in need of a virtually indistructable cane or to walkers for self defense against stray or violent animals. I am happy I have one.
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    I recently had a partial knee replacement, which left me needing mobility assistance along with security needs. Immediately upon receipt, I cut the Slim Stick to length and marked the balance point with reflective tape and started walking. The ball is a little small, but otherwise the Slim Stick is sturdy and well- balanced; stylish as well. If I ever have to put the whoopass on an assailant, he/she better be prepared to wear the mark of shame😈 'CU's this thing is awesome!
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