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    Weight: 2 Lbs 1 oz
    Overall Length: 29"
    Thickness: 1 1/2" Handle 2 1/4" Tip

    "It's unbelievable. We're seeing eight to 10 bats break every game. Guys are coming back saying they hit the ball on the sweet spot and it still broke." This quote caught our President, Lynn C. Thompson's attention. It's from an article in the Los Angeles Times describing how frequently baseball bats break and nearly injure the players in major league games. The article chronicled the debate currently raging among players over which bat is better, those made of ash, which is lighter and slightly flexible, or those made of maple which is heavier and stiffer. As he read, Lynn began to suspect there might be a market for a baseball bat that just couldn't be broken. What kid, let alone an adult, wouldn't want an unbreakable bat? Now Cold Steel is proud to offer you our first forays into the manufacturing of athletic equipment, the Brooklyn Smasher® and the Brooklyn Crusher™.

    Because they're precision injection molded out of heavy-grade polypropylene, these bats just can't be broken. There’s no need to worry about shards of wood flying in your face. No matter what you hit or how hard you swing them, they just won't break. And they're durable too, they won’t rot, crack, or splinter, or even fade. You can treat them as roughly as you choose. You needn’t worry about dirt or the weather affecting them either since they’re impervious to the elements and clean up with soap and water. Try that with a wood bat and you might damage it.

    They're versatile too. Like any other baseball bat, croquet mallet, golf club or hockey stick, they can be used in an emergency, as an extremely effective self-defense tool. You can keep one behind the front door, under the bed, or in a car trunk and forget about it until you need it. They can be used as game bats, practice bats, warm-up bats, loaner bats, inclement weather bats, school or league bats or kid's bats. They can also serve as a cross over trainers to develop strength, agility and eye hand coordination for those studying Western Saber Fencing, Kendo, Kenjitsu, Filipino Stick and Sword Fighting and Chinese martial arts.

    Best of all, they make good economic sense. With a suggested retail price of $47 and $42 they're comparable in price to good wooden bats, and since they’re unbreakable they will last far longer than any wooden bat on the market.

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    I got this bat and even the box showed it was durable because it was poorly packaged but had 0 damage on it. It went through 2 cinder blocks and did not have a single scuff on it!
    There was a kid being beaten up in front of my own house and it was 2 probably 14 year olds beating up one 10 year old! I went out and had this bat in my hands and when the two saw it and it aimed at them, they laid off and went running. As you just heard this bat is one intimidating piece of weaponry!
    Thanks cold steel!
    Your products just helped the public!
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    All we need now is a Cold Steel® Baseball. Make it steel ha-, no, DIAMOND hard.
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    This bat is alpha! Everyone I asked for opinions on which bat to get said wood because they're the heaviest, until I stumbled upon this bat and man do they have not only the power but THE best durability! One swing is all it takes to make someone realize that they've messed with the wrong guy. So much bang for your buck, never gonna regret this investment!
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    I bought this bat about 4-4 1/2 years ago and its a beast! I literally break 4x4x8 lumber in half with it! I've hit this bat against walls, railroad ties, trees etc. and it barely has any scratches on it! I really enjoy its club like abilities and I have a lot of fun with it! Excellent buy especially if you want a back up basher. It just feels POWERFUL!!! Thanks again Cold Steel!
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    brooklyn smasher!
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