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    With Sheath #92DDC$10.98 
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    Weight: 1 oz
    Length: 3 3/8"
    Overall Length: 8 1/8"
    Handle: 4 3/4" Long
    Thickness:1/2" diameter
    Separate Sheath Available (#SK92DD)

    The Delta Dart is 8" long and 1/2" in diameter yet it weighs only 1/2 an ounce! Its comfortable handle is knurled for a positive grip and the butt is smooth and rounded, so it's perfect for both thumb and palm reinforced positions. Like the CAT Tanto, the Delta Dart is made from Zy-Ex. It is this super tough material that, when combined with the Dart's sharp point and triangular cross section, accounts for its phenomenal piercing power and allowed it to be driven by hand right through a 1/2" thick piece of leather. Optional neck sheath with bead chain lanyard available.

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    Long time CS fanatic, I purchased the Delta Dart and 4 other pieces recently. I love this thing. My girlfriend immediately started punching it thru the cardboard it was shipped with easily and repeatedly (scary actually). It is obviously a great tool even a novice can use to great effect. Punching the DD into the soft parts of an aggressor will definitely make a villian look for an easier target while at the same time leave distinguishing marks for law enforcement to identify in an ER. I have no doubts this could puncture a major vessel in the neck, arm or upper leg. Affordable! Do it. Dale, CleveHts Oh
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    Short and small enough to be easily concealed, but large enough to be intimidating to potential attackers. I got two and wear both under my shirt, where they ride comfortably at the top of my stomach within easy reach should the need arise. Easy to use, instinctual almost. Quick to deploy with a firm grip immediately upon threat. My double fist delta dart was a strong enough defensive posture to turn away a thief. He pulled a standard sized pocket knife folder and told me my money or my life. Thanks to the delta dart I gave up neither. Thank you cold steel for making an awesome product, and keep up the good work Lynn Thompson!
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