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    Weight: 35.4 oz
    Length: 3" Spike
    Overall Length: 29 1/2"
    Thickness: 1 1/2"

    One of the truths of close quarter combat is that a rifle, shotgun or musket can be an improvised club in the absence of suitable ammunition or a bayonet. It's also true that an 8-10 lb. rifle, grasped by its long barrel and swung with both hands hits like a freight train and, if it doesn't break, will crush bones like dry twigs and pulp flesh into jelly.

    American Indians in the early sixteenth century observed these facts and wasted no time in fashioning their own gunstock war clubs. These were made of specially chosen straight grain hard woods like Maple, Ash, Oak, Hickory or Hornbeam and weighed from two to three pounds. They hit with remarkable force and proved to be extremely lethal weapons as their hitting power was often enhanced by the addition of a short lance point or one or more knife blades. In fact, the Gunstock war club became so popular it soon migrated West to the Great Plains and even the Pacific coast where it endured as a weapon clear into the 1880's and as a ceremonial and dance weapon to this very day.

    While there are a fascinating variety of historical examples we could have reproduced, ours was custom designed by blade smith Rich Mc Donald. He incorporated all the best features from our favorite clubs including the ridged centerline, a short lance point, and the classic "Fawn's Foot" handle.

    To avoid the risk of cross grain breakage, we have abandoned the traditional hardwoods in favor of Polypropylene. As you may know, this material is highly resistant to shock and is practically unbreakable making it particularly suitable for use in this weapon. And as an added bonus, this material is highly resistant to the elements and won't warp, rot, shrink crack or splinter the way wood does.

    For those interested in re-enacting various periods of our frontier history, we have given our weapon a very realistic wood grain finish. This means you can easily customize your club with "cut outs", brass studs, tacks, feathers, horse hair falls or the paint of your choice.

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    I put this thing through a phenomenal amount of pain when I first got it: I smashed bricks, I broke wooden boards, I did some major damage to an old car door with it. It got some chunks and dings in it but it's still solid. Got mine for Christmas in 2012. But it really came in handy when I learned how to wield it as a weapon and throw it. We had a break in in September 2013. I was able to get this thing in my hand (since I keep it in my room.) and seeing as it was dark I only saw the guy's flashlight beam I threw it at the invader and was able to get to my gun and into my daughter's room and lock us in. I called the police. They got to my house and the perpetrator was still out cold from the blow. On behalf of my family thank your cold steel! If you're a Native American history buff. Or Collect Unique Weapons. Or just want something handy in a close call. This three pound club is perfect.

    -Thomas P.
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    very Satisfied with this product, worried that the weight wasn't heavy enough to get the job done Not the case at all perfect weight. Ups did beat up my box pretty bad but had no effect on the quality of my war club.
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    i left the review about the possibly chipped tip........let me say this thing is a beast i've tried to break mine.........impossible unless you drop this thing into a weapon ever purchased i will get buried will this along side me
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    War Club was perfect out of the box, except the tip on the lance point had what appeared to be a tiny bit of the tip missing. Don't think it will effect its overall performance and don't wanna wait for them to re-ship me a new one.......overall satisfied
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    i got this for Christmas a few years back(i think 2012) and i have beat the living crap out of this thing. i managed to break a good inch off the spike but i am not gonna mark down my rating because it broke because i put this thing threw hell and back and it is still just as effective. a few hours with a round file and i made a saw pattern in the in the flat of the break to make it even nastier then it already was.
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