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    Head: 18 1/2"
    Overall Length: 82 1/8"
    Steel: SK-5 Medium Carbon
    Weight: 4 1/4 LBS.
    Blade Thickness: 3/32"
    Handle: Premium American Ash Shaft
    Sheath: Secure-Ex®

    For 200 years, the boar spear reigned supreme as the staff weapon of choice in the forests and often the battlefield as well. Only the invention of a reliable firearms in the 18th century could fade its renown. it would have disappeared altogether if not for the decadent tastes of the Northern European nobility. To them, hunting with a firearm was a pale substitute for the thrill of hand to hand combat in the forest with nothing but a spear.

    You too can enjoy the same excitement with Cold Steel's® modern recreation of this classic spear. Cold forged out of medium carbon SK-5 steel and heat treated to a spring temper, the massive blade is designed to flex under stress instead of breaking.

    It's sharpened with a good utility edge and features a sturdy reinforcing rib to make it as stiff as possible for maximum penetration. The Boar Spear comes complete with a stout premium ash shaft and a Secure-Ex® Sheath.

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    I've carried my cs boar spear now for 6 years in the African bush on my hunting excursions,and it has dispatched many a wounded animal in the follow-up,mainly Baboon and Warthog. In August 2013 I achieved the ultimate for me ,when after an exciting 8-hour solo walk-and stalk without the help of dogs ,spanning 2 days, I eventually managed to kill a big trophy Warthog with a throw of 7 m. [+_ 25 ft.].The big 18" blade penetrated completely just behind the shoulder blades severing 3 ribs at the entry and 4 ribs at the far side, destroying the heart,liver and one lung in the process. It was only stopped penetrating any further by the two 'shoulders' where the blade met the ash wood handle! The massive 3" wound that the razor sharp blade made caused the Warthog to expire very quickly.It was an ethical hunt of true epic portions that has never been achieved before in this part of the Limpopo on any of the hunting concessions for a 150 km radius.This cs boar spear is a real beast and morale booster to have with me when alone out in the wild.I would definitely recommend it to anybody that are going to spend some time alone in the wild.Thank you cold steel for this insight to produce this quality product that stood the test of time when it matters!
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    Just got my CS boar spear. The photos and video do no justice in showing this massive, strong, very sharp spear head and spear shaft. When I get to use this, I'm sure it will beat expectations!
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    Wow! Like all Cold Steel products I own so far, the quality of materials and workmanship in this spear are excellent. The shaft and sheath fit the spearhead perfectly. I am so pleased with my purchase. Thank you Cold Steel!
    C.R., WA State
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    Recently received two Boar Spears, and I must say they exceed expectations. Heavy, sharp, well made. Wish I could buy a dozen!!

    Jaime W., Coldwater, MI
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    got one Awesome got it before you offered the sheath. optional handles would be better polypro. or alum.
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