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    Head: 13 1/3"
    Overall Length: 38"
    Steel: SK-5 Medium Carbon
    Head: 12.8 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2 mm 2 1/2" (wide)
    Handle: Stained American Ash
    Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath

    THE ASSEGAI was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. Cold Steel's version is available with your choice of two different shaft lengths.

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    I have been using an assegai spear for years in the never-ending battle against dandelions and other formidable weeds on my property for over 10 yrs. I did fit it with the long handle, which gives better "reach" and is ergonomically superior to the shorter handle. I employ two basic methods when terminating pest plants: The "TWIST AND FLIP" (a quick jab to the tap root, then turn and flick) and the "DROP KICK", which uses the same root jab, but is completed by a short snap-kick to the flat of the blade. Both methods result in an airborne weed, and minimal collateral damage to my lawn. Safety shoes and eye protection is recommended... The blade is tough, and still has not rusted after a decade in the garage. Highly recommended...
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    both the short and long shaft are great spears. Needless to say if you try chopping things with a spear... you are stupid and have no business being in the woods or using a spear for that matter.. Cold steel makes some great tomahawks and axes for that purpose.
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    bought 2 awesome! Two things that could be improved #1 sheath #2handle material. saw a review on another site where a person tried to chop with it and it broke and he was complaining. A solid aluminum handle or take one of your polypro. sticks turn the end down and poof perfect for thrust or chop and if you flattened the sides opposite the edge you would always know where the edge was in relation to handle
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    I just bought one and couldn't be happier with it. Although another customer was right about the handle material. I would be much happier if it was a bit more durable for chopping.
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    Great SPEAR!!!! Very good. Handle is a teensy bit soft and not so durable but still great spear. And for the people trying to chop things with this spear, well you're are really stupid. Spears are made to stab not to chop. Get one of ColdSteel's swords or tomahawks for that.
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