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    Blade Length: 18"
    Overall Length: 25 7/8"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 27.2 oz (approx.)
    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 7 7/8" Long. Polypropylene
    Sheath: Cor-Ex™ Sheath

    Derived from the sword used by Celtic tribes of ancient Iberia (Spain) and adopted by the Roman Legions, the Gladius, with its long, narrow point and wasp waisted blade, was the scourge of the battlefield and often the last thing seen or felt by Rome's enemies.

    Ever popular, the Gladius is still in demand almost 2000 years later and is one of our most frequently requested swords to make, so we have decided to offer a modern version of this ancient classic in a very affordable machete/sword format.

    Made from 1055 Carbon steel and hand sharpened to a murderous point and battle ready edge, it offers 19" of unprecedented piercing and slashing power at a bargain price.

    Sporting an extra wide, full tang for strength and a classically inspired handle, it offers the standard guard and ball shaped pommel of years gone by. Made of high impact Polypropylene, it's impervious to the elements, rugged beyond belief and most importantly, comes compete with a sturdy Cor-Ex™ sheath and belt loop.

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    I give this Gladius 5 stars! The blade comes very sharp, and the sheath is well made for the price point! Excellent Product, Cold Steel! Highly Recommended.
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    Great buy no wobble in the handle, blade seems sturdy and thick enough. The reason i gave it a 4 is the sharpening was almost jagged in some places on one edge. No big deal, if you like the look it's worth the money.
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    An excellent and very durable full tang machete, not to mention its shaped like a gladius!
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    GREAT!! Awsome balance and solid as a mountain. Mine did come a little jagged in some places but a little time on the stone and it is an awsome machete and even greater short sword! I sleep very comfortably with mine at my bedside! Thanks Cold Steel for giving me the gladius I wanted all my life.
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    Bought this for my Bug-Out-Bag, which was a mistake. I didn’t realize how big it is. I know, the measurements are there, but till you have it in your hand you can’t really tell the size of things. Excellent knife. The balance and the weight are very good and it cuts better than any machete I have used before, and best of all it really looks cool.
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