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    Blade Length: 16"
    Overall Length: 22"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 23.4 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 5 5/8" Long. Polypropylene
    Sheath: Cor-Ex™ Sheath

    Made from tough rigid 1055 carbon steel with a strong spring temper, it's virtually unbreakable and offers the weight forward balance necessary to chop through vines, saplings, and brush and even trees with ease. What's more, its sharp point offers plenty of belly for slashing or even skinning, and in an emergency, adds to it value as an improvised self defense tool. Sold fully sharpened, and shipped with a sturdy nylon sheath, it's ready for your jungle wherever it may be.

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    Bought this machete at a gun show where Cold Steel was selling their products. I had never owned a Cold Steel machete, but I sure will be buying one again. After the machete was sharpened, absolutely nothing could dull it. When I was doing cutting tests, the machete went through the jug and skipped off a nail in the table. I looked at the nail, which had been crushed, and then looked at the blade of the machete. It was still razor sharp. I only have one minor complaint about this(it is barely noticeable); which was that the handle seemed to be a little bit slick at times. Other than that, this is certainly the best machete I have ever bought, and will certainly will be buying another.
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    I got this machete two days ago go when I pulled it it out and took a look at it I almost cut my self badly its that sharp. I went outside and did some cutting It cutted like a katana I will certainly buy more machetes
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    I thought no machete would be better than the kukri machete but once again Coldsteel has proved me wrong! If you can manage a little extra weight than you will not be displeased by this machete! It's inexpensive high quality and extremely sharp! Cuts through trees like an axe! The blade geometry is great a lot of power behind your swings and can be used to clear brush make a bow or any other bushcrafty thing you would like to do!
    Thanks Coldsteel your loyal fan,
    Colt D. Copeland
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    make this full tang and make it 4 mm thick this machete would be a beast (directed at cold steel) but as it is still a brilliant machete nice medium to light heavy chopper, these blades can be put through some abuse, I had a gerber gator before put it through some light chopping a few 2 inch branches and the handle snapped of made a complaint to them they didn't do anything because I had it for 2 long but I never really used it, so I got one of these glad I did, this does the job nicely used it quiet a bit still have not had the need to sharpen it.
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    This is a solid constructed thick blade machete! It feels great and works even better! If you want a serious machete than buy one from Cold Steel, you won't be disappointed! I have other machetes and none of them compare to my Cold Steel Jungle machete! Thank you Cold Steel! You really know what we want!
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