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    Blade Length: 24"
    Overall Length: 40 1/2"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 34.3 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 16 1/2" Long Polypropylene
    Sheath NOT Included

    As a young man Lynn C Thompson was already studying and training in a variety of fighting arts.

    He always dreamed of owning a Katana, but even a lower priced WWII era sword was far too expensive, often costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

    That's why, over 30 years later Lynn created his Katana Machete.

    Made in our factory in South Africa, it's fully sharpened blade with it's modern tactical Tanto point is heat treated to a tough spring temper. Sporting a black, baked-on anti-rust finish, it is tough, reliable and almost impervious to the elements.

    To facilitate one or two-handed use, Lynn paired the blade with a long extra tough injection molded polypropylene handle with a sturdy cross guard.

    An excellent bushcraft tool, capable machete and superb beginner's Katana, the Katana Machete is equally at home clearing brush in the wilderness and cutting Tatami Mats in your back yard.

    Now, Lynn has increased the blade length of the Machete to 24"! Packing even more cutting power into this super-affordable modern Katana.

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    I have had the two handed Katana for a while now and have really enjoyed using it. A weekend of brush chopping by everyone in our camping party didn't dull it and everyone reluctantly gave it back with a big smile. It really does work well but the work seems a lot more fun when the little kid in you comes out!.

    I just sent a recommendation for this to my brother who nearly chopped his thumb off with a hatchet yesterday. Keeping both hands on the dull end can help increase safety, an issue that I hadn't considered until yesterday.

    I originally bought this because of arthritis and tendonitis in my hands. Using both hands lowers the stress put on my hand, wrist and thumb and keep the pain way down.

    This has meet all of my needs and more than I had thought of. Highly recommended!
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    I just do not understand why you would sell this upgraded version of this machete, without a sheath? That fact alone has kept me from purchasing this new version, and I generally purchase every single new Cold Steel machete that releases, not to mention many of the other weapons available.

    Do you just not make a sheath for this elongated version, or are you selling one separately at some jacked up price? If you are selling it separately, well, that is just cheap and greedy. I am sorry, I have a lot of respect for this company and give you a lot of my money, and that puts a sour taste in my mouth. Considering the first version of this machete came with a sheath included, well that makes this all the more distasteful.

    I will either wait until you do the right thing and add a sheath in with the current price, or I will wait until I see it go on sale for a lot cheaper at another website and buy it then. Pretty much everything else offered comes with an included sheath, this is just messed up to nickel and dime the customer and I do not approve one bit.
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    I have a two handed katana machete, not of the 24 inch blade variety, but fun nonetheless. It's pretty much the ninja sword you always wanted as a kid. I've used it to help facilitate in collecting blackberries and disposing of an infestation of their thorny vines. It can chop through dead manzanita branches up to horse ankle thick. Bigger if you want to work at it. I feel more at ease making full moon hikes through the desolate forrest with the extra reach it provides. Granted, I've never had to use it to defend myself, but I feel confident it would deter or thwart any attacker.
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    This product is so good, people are complaining about how they are not in stock in the review section. Take the hint Cold Steel. We want your products. NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
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    When will the "currently unavailible" products be availible.... because I thought 2013 products should be availible in the start of 2013 and not halfway through and just tease you like a stripper.
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