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    Blade Style SKU #
    Clip Point Plain Edge #58TPC
    Clip Point Half Serrated #58TPCH
    Spear Plain Plain Edge #58TPS
    Spear Point Half Serrated #58TPSH
    Tanto Point Plain Edge #58TPT
    Tanto Point Half Serrated #58TPTH

    Blade Length: 3 1/2"
    Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
    Overall Length:8 1/2"
    Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
    Weight: 4.3 oz
    Handle: 5" Long 6061 Aluminum
    Pocket Clip: Ambidextrous Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

    There are very few things in life as comforting as knowing you are carrying a good knife. Many of our friends and colleagues in Law Enforcement talk about how they're always looking for that one faithful, reliable, lightweight knife that can become a permanent part of their every day load out.

    When designing our new Code 4 series we took inspiration from that feeling of reliability and developed a knife that we believe is destined to become the standard embodiment of dependability.

    We created an ultra-thin, ultra-light, highly functional utility knife that is incredibly comfortable to carry all day. It won't weigh down your uniform or provide the kind of unnecessary bulk that may cause you to leave the knife at home, causing you to be unprepared in your time of need. Invariably, the best knife for the job is the one you have with you!

    Available in a variety of blade configurations, with an ambidextrous pocket clip and thumb studs, the Code 4 series feature sturdy, hard-anodized gun metal grey 6061 Aluminum handles, the unparalleled strength of our world renowned and exclusive Tri-Ad lock and high satin polished, razor sharp Japanese AUS8A blades.

    Make a Code 4 part of your daily carry to experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll always have a truly great high performance folder when you need one.

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    I recently got my pain edge Code 4 in spear point. Cold Steel should be very proud of this exemplary folder. Everything, and I mean everything about this knife is exceptional, and no, this is not just an aluminum handled Recon 1. The Code 4 has a very different feel to it. It's extremely light and thin and despite being almost as big as a Recon 1, it takes up a lot less space in my pocket. The Code 4 is also designed with a different purpose than the Recon 1, which is a tactical folder, while the Code 4 is designed to be an EDC blade.

    Cold Steel cut no corners with quality and keeps to their design philosophy with the Code 4. The spear point is everything a spear point is supposed to be, but instead of a weak tip, it's actually reinforced. Despite the thin profile of the knife, it's the aluminum handle that's thin - the Tri-Ad lock has not been compromised and is just as thick as it is with my other Tri-Ad lock folders. It's super sharp out of the box and opens and closes more smoothly than any other folder I've owned.

    I highly recommend the Code 4. Another high quality, outstanding knife from Cold Steel. I got more than my money's worth.
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    I got my code 4 tanto in the mail and I couldn't have gotten it fast enough. I kept tracking the package like a kid waiting for Christmas. I opened the package quickly after I got the mail that morning and the box it came in was colorful and no nonsense. I didn't know what to expect ... This was my first Cold steel folder. I have purchased knives from most of the big name companies and at this price I expected a beater knife to be honest. Well I examined it closely and I was shocked to see a knife 2 or 3x the value. The fit and finish amazed me the blade was really sharp , it could cut phone book paper and shave my arm no problem. The blade stock is pretty thick with an accurate yet reinforced tip. The steel impressed me also I normally am a steel snob but this stays sharper much longer than Aus8 from other manufactures I have used which is an obvious testament to heat treating. I put aside my other knives and this is the one that I have riding in my pocket every day. I was a blacksmithing apprentice and I trained as a survivalist as well as in combat and martial arts and I can say this blade is useful in so many ways and the design was executed VERY well considering I don't carry a blade unless I think I can trust it with my life. I loved my code 4 so much I have an AK-47 on it's way to me in the mail as we speak. Don't spend an arm and a leg on an edc that looks nice and has so called premium steel since those are for guys who will just use them to clean their finger nails and open letters. If you want an authentic hard use reliable blade look no further than Cold steel for EVERYTHING!!! P.S. Show some respect to Lynn he's a great guy and he knows what he's talking about ... stop being jealous that he's tougher and more successful than you. God bless everyone at Cold Steel keep up the good work.
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    I absolutely love my new clip point Code 4. I bought it so that I could retire my old pre-2011 Large Voyager EDC knife. I wanted to stop carrying the Voyager as I didn't want to lose it and not be able to replace it. It has been my constant EDC companion for well over 5 years at this point. The Code 4 is everything I could have wanted in a replacement for my well-worn friend. It has a very similar clip point blade shape and a thin, easy to carry handle. The aluminum handles seem strong and the triad lock is a welcome improvement. The clip buries the knife very deep in my pocket that blade retains a very sharp edge for a long time. My father carries a pre-2011 medium Voyager, and I'd love to see a mini Code-4 come out in 2014 so that I can present him with a matching replacement to his favorite EDC knife as well.
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    This review is a little different as I haven't even gotten a hold of the product yet! But on seeing other reviews inc Nutnfancy's very positive 10/10 review (whom I really trust), the info on the CS website and my own experience with the American Lawman - my EDC, I can without even 1% doubt say that this folder is a homerun for CS, and is going to be hugely successful! Both plain and serrated iterations look awesome both aesthetically and from a practical standpoint. I swore that the CS Lawman would be my last folder - it being soooo good, but CS have just shattered one of my NY resolutions for 2014! The steel and lock are the same as my Lawman, and the handle profile is slightly modified with one extra finger indentation giving it even more comfort. Enough said. This one's as good as in the bag. How does CS come up with a product of this fine honest quality and price point in a world of dishonesty? God bless Cold Steel.
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    My favorite EDC. Light weight, sleek and most of all; one hell of a sexy knife.
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