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    Medium (Clip / Tanto) Large (Clip / Tanto) Extra Large (Clip / Tanto / Vaquero)
    Blade Length: 3" 4" 5 1/2"
    Blade Thickness: 3 mm 3.5 mm 4 mm
    Overall Length: 7 1/4" 9 1/4" 12 1/4"
    Weight: 3.1 oz. (approx.) 4.6 oz. (approx.) 7.2 oz. (approx.)
    Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless (Stone Wash Finish)
    Handle: Griv-EX™
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip
    Blade Style SKU #
    Medium Voyager Clip Point Plain Edge #29TMC
    Medium Voyager Clip Point Half Serrated #29TMCH
    Medium Voyager Tanto Point Plain Edge #29TMT
    Medium Voyager Tanto Point Half Serrated #29TMTH
    Large Voyager Clip Point Plain Edge #29TLC
    Large Voyager Clip Point Half Serrated #29TLCH
    Large Voyager Tanto Point Plain Edge #29TLT
    Large Voyager Tanto Point Half Serrated #29TLTH
    Extra Large Voyager Clip Point Plain Edge #29TXC
    Extra Large Voyager Clip Point Half Serrated #29TXCH
    Extra Large Voyager Tanto Point Plain Edge #29TXT
    Extra Large Voyager Tanto Point Half Serrated #29TXTH
    Extra Large Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge #29TXV
    Extra Large Voyager Vaquero Serrated #29TXVS

    Voyager® Series
    Our Voyagers® are, ounce for ounce, far stronger than 99.9% of our competitor's folders. And this is a fact, not an idle boast. Each knife features precision made parts with a stiff spring and our incomparable Tri-Ad® lock mechanism which is arguably the strongest, most reliable, low maintenance lock in the world!

    The thick, extra wide blades are made from Japanese AUS 8A steel and meticulously ground to a thin edge for maximum shearing potential. This thin edge also allows us to hone each blade to astounding sharpness. And, because of the high carbon content of the steel, and their near perfect heat treatment, you'll find this sharpness last a surprisingly long time.

    If you like serrations, you'll really appreciate our exclusive pattern. It features groups of very small, sharply pointed teeth separated by wide, shallow arcs so it will rip smoothly yet very aggressively through a wide variety of tough fibrous materials without snagging or hanging up.

    The Voyager® Series also offers all the other latest refinements in lock-back construction including lightning quick, one-handed opening, state of the art mechanical fasteners, massively oversized pivot pins that are fully adjustable and properly hardened, and dual stainless steel pocket clips for ambidextrous carry and deployment.

    The Grivory handles feature 6061 heat treated aluminum liners for the utmost in strength and stiffness and are ergonomically designed to afford a wide array of grip options including the palm reinforced forward grip for which they are particularly well suited.

    Grivory is unparalleled as a handle material as it is considerably stronger than Zy-Ex and, when deeply textured, offers a terrific non-slip grip. As an added bonus, it's impervious to moisture and won't crack, warp or shrink and remains remarkably resistant to abrasion or discoloration.

    As tools these lightweight, super sharp knives are appropriate in almost any environment from hunting and camping to hiking and general utility chores. They can also readily fill specialty functions such as a boat or river knife, chute knife or police/military and survival/rescue applications.

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    I've owned 5 different voyagers over the years and have found them to be the most reliable daily carry knives I've ever used. My only minor complaint is that the dual or serrated edges are easy to wear out and much harder to sharpen. Just got a new one yesterday and already loving it. It's amusing to me that they come in bubble wrap since they're just one step away from indestructible. I have to assume it's to protect the box.
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    I have the 2011 XL Voyager Clip Point Plain Blade and it is one hell of a knife. Strongest and sharpest knife I have. Cold Steel truley lives up to their motto. I have battoned, chopped, spine whacked, and dropped this knife on concrete right on the tip from about 5 feet in the air. No chipping, rolling, and minimal wear. I have only resharpened this blade once and it has held it for the 8 months ive had it. It is huge and considering i was 14 when i got it, it was almost too big!!!!
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    I've owned the Medium 3" plain blade Voyager for years. I have no use for my other knives. It's one fault is there's no lanyard hole, get past that and you've got a knife that's literally BETTER than knives cost much more. The only knife I would want more is the Large Voyager plain blade.
    I carved a club complete with hand and finger grooves using only the Medium Voyager and it didn't lose it's edge.
    Someday I hope to be able to own the Large, XL and SM to complete the set. If I weren't a Disabled Vet on a budget I'd have them all already.
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    I've had a 3" Voyager clip point for years now. When I decided to get another knife with a longer 50/50 blade, there was no doubt which one. I just received my new Voyager 4" 50/50 and I'm very happy. The only thing I don't like, is that the blade is marked "Taiwan". When I first discovered Cold Steel I was in the Army and ordered one of you hunting knives. Since then, I have dressed many deer with it. Once, I forgot my tool for cutting the pelvis bone and was forced to hack it apart with the knife. No problem. That knife has stayed sharp for years and just recently I touched up the edge. I just thought you should know about that.
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    Purchased one of theses to retire my old Gunsite LG. I got the LG tanto plain edge. Very nice, built like a brick s-house & we'll done overall. A bit too thick in the handle to wear in the waist band of my uniform pants behind the duty belt. So, I carry it off duty and bought me a Code 4 plain tanto. Darn! Just had to buy another blade.....

    Nonetheless, I love the new beefy, ergonomic handles & Tri-ad lock. BIG improvement over the previous designs. Some folks whine about being made in Taiwan. Asians didn't start making blades yesterday! Furthermore it keeps the price down where we working people can afford them. Besides, Taiwan is our ally last I checked unlike the PRC. Good job CS!
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