Counterfeit Products

To protect yourself from this kind of fraud,
you should only buy from reputable dealers or from Cold Steel directly.

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Cold Steel cannot guarantee the condition or legitimacy of any products sold on Ebay,, or similar sites. Countless vendors use those sites, and many knock-offs are moved there, as well as products being sold as “new” that are worn, damaged, or used.

We always suggest “buyer beware” when purchasing online from a seller that is not a direct Cold Steel dealer.

• If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.
• Most knock-off knives look "cheap" and are made with terrible craftsmanship.
• If you see the item being sold is shipping out of China, we suggest you avoid it.
• If the product does not match any listed on our current or archived catalogs, we suggest you avoid it. Archived catalogs can be viewed here.
• If the specs listed for the item do not match those on our site, we suggest you avoid it.
• If you simply are not sure about an online sale, you can always contact Cold Steel for assistance.

These are sub standard knock-offs and they damage Cold Steel's reputation immeasurably! These products are not only illegal, but they are very dangerous! For example, when you purchase a counterfeit backpack, it may fall to pieces because of shoddy workmanship - leaving you, the consumer, footing the bill. However, if a knife fails because of poor workmanship, you could end up being terribly injured or - at worse - dead, if you were relying on it for self defense!

Be especially wary, because these items are being sold in fake Cold Steel boxes and are stamped or etched with a fake Cold Steel brand logos.

As a Cold Steel customer you should know what to look for when you purchase a Cold Steel product:
• If it seems like an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is. If an item normally has a suggested retail price of $100 and it's being offered for $50 or less, you can be pretty sure that you're being ripped off. See examples below of eBay listings offering AD-15's ($280 MSRP) for under $50.
• Look at the fittings and the finish. Is the quality up to Cold Steel's standards? Are the grind lines crisp and clean or are they blurry and indistinct? Is the blade razor sharp? If you're buying a San Mai III knife, can you see the laminate line where the different kinds of steel meet?
• If it is a fixed blade knife, look at the sheath that came with it. Is it a sturdy quality piece, or something made of the cheapest materials available?
• If it is a folder, is the lock sturdy? Does the blade wobble? Is the locking mechanism strong? Is it the same lock as advertised on our website?

Make sure you research what you're buying! 

Does it look the same? Many of these fakes are easy to expose, simply because they don't resemble anything Cold Steel sells. They just trade on the Cold Steel name.

Be aware of situations where this kind of commerce takes place. flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, and street vendors are places where you're most likely to be ripped off. Above all, use common sense, if a street vendor is trying to sell you a Rolex watch for $10, for example, your common sense should tell you that it is very likely a fake! Also be on the lookout for disreputable websites that list only a phone number or a P.O. box for contact information.

The sayings that "you get what you pay for" and "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" should be first and foremost in your mind when you think about purchasing one of these knives.

If you have been ripped off by purchasing one of these fakes, or suspect something being offered for sale is not authentic, please let us know the details. If you were ripped off we would like to know who you bought the product from, when you bought it and where, how much you paid, and why you think it is a fake. We are creating a database of offenders and intend to take legal action against them as soon as possible.

DO NOT buy Cold Steel products that look like the following:

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