Free Sharpening

Cold Steel offers FREE sharpening
on all Cold Steel brand knives!

Send in any Cold Steel brand knife and we will sharpen it for free*! Just pay *$10.00 for Shipping and Handling. We do not sharpen other makes/manufacturers knives under any circumstance, as well as counterfeit knives or knives found to be fake. Cold Steel reserves the right to deny sharpening service to any knife that is unsafe or unable to be sharpened. 

To return a Cold Steel brand Knife for sharpening. You must receive a Return Authorization number received from our Customer Service Team. You can reach them at 877-269-8490. They will need the following information-

  • How many Knives you are returning for Sharpening? *Quantity
  • What type of knife and/or knives? *You will need to have the model number.
  • We require a Credit Card and/or debit card payment for shipping and handling of *$10.00 at the time of requesting a knife sharpening return authorization.

Once you receive the Return Authorization number, you will need to do the following:

  • A safely and securely packaged knife.
  • A piece of paper with your return shipping information and contact information- the following information is needed- Name, Address, Best Contact number and email address) and include the RA number.

Send it to:

Cold Steel
ATTN: Cold Steel Sharpening
5111 Frye Road Suite 110
Irving, TX 75061

Note: GSM Outdoors is not responsible should an item(s) for sharpening is lost in transit. We will not accept tracking information and/or delivery without prior approval as validation that we have received the item without obtaining Return Authorization number prior to shipment. All packages received without a return authorization number will be refused. We re-sharpen knives in batches, it may take up to four weeks depending on season and workload to return your knife to you.